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My oh my, we are tired from this busy week. As mentioned in my last post, we have been busy with so many wonderful family events but sadly, my boys have both caught my nasty cold. *Sigh*. We are happy to take today to recover and sleep. Chad stayed home from work and finally got to let his body rest.

The past 3 days, Geddy's sleep scheduled has been cut drastically short. He was getting 2 hours less sleep each night and yesterday, he missed his nap completely. We have never done that before, it had to happen at some point but we won't be doing it again soon. And to be honest, he put up a good fight and tried his best to be his pleasant self but by the end, it was melt downs all around. Even for his Mama. We got to go to the temple for Jordy and Kate's wedding. It was so wonderful and they are so happy. What a wonderful sight to witness. I am so thrilled for them, they will be incredibly good together. And what a beautiful couple!

Sadly, we didn't end up going to the reception at all. We went for the pictures that happened before but Geddy couldn't last any longer. He wasn't able to nap because we were up in Salt Lake all day and he won't nap in the car anymore. But it's okay. Last night, he slept for 14 hours STRAIGHT. I thought he was surely dead but was so relieved when I heard him in his crib jumping and jabbering. What a champ. Then, he took a 3 hour nap, he was definitely making up for lost time.

Although we were busy and so exhausted, it was truly a spectacular week. Totally worth the crankiness and colds. I apologize for those who had to be around us during that time, as I can't claim we were in perfect spirits but we were grateful to be included. Here are a few pictures to document our last few days.

4 Generations of de Lisle men! They sure know how to keep the name alive (so many males). 
The de Lisle family at Jordy and Kate's wedding dinner. So wonderful to have Grams and Gramps in town for it! We love them!
Geddy wears Chuck Taylors to weddings because that's his style.
We had to leave for the wedding right when Geddy goes down for a nap. You can see he is tired.
My little family at the Salt Lake Temple.
Another one! Sorry, we don't get a ton of pics of all 3 of us so I am posting multiples. 
Geddy finally smiles in one!
Aj and Chad. Aj went through the temple for the first time this week. It was awesome. 

A shot of Geddy's outfit for the wedding. It was pretty dang cute.  
There was one point before our biggest melt down where Geddy got really giggly and
drowsy. I am so glad I got a little pic of it! It was hilarious.

There you have it! That was the last 3 days in just a few pics. I am sorry they are all from my phone but I used what I had on hand. Up next is time with my big Sissy! She is here! She is finally in Utah and I can't wait to have a baking day with her tomorrow. I will try my hardest to remember to take my real camera so I can take legitimate pictures (I wish so badly I had brought it for the wedding stuff but it would have been way too hard). What a wonderful summer I am having. Family is the best.

Happy...what day is it?...Thursday!


P.S. The best way to survive days like these? An iPad, so Geddy can watch Fantastic Mr. Fox in the car and incredible Grandparents who are willing to help in any and every way. Thank you again for everyone's help!

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Haley said...

Geddy's outfit (the chuck taylors, bow tie, everything) is picture perfect. And I love that he got drowsy and giggly right before he had a meltdown. That sounds like me. :)

I wish you had a full shot of your dress. From what I can see, it looks so elegant and beautiful!