Beachy Texture

I spruced up the blog a little bit, did you notice?

So, I have mentioned multiple times that I am not really a hair or makeup person. I mean, I do them both but at a mega minimum. I used to do crazy things with my hair. I have dyed my hair all different colors and lengths but once I hit my 20's I kind of got burned out of it all. The last 2 years, I have proudly kept my natural hair color. To be honest, I really like it. It's more natural looking and there is no upkeep.

I think that's my biggest thing. I need to keep my hair routine and upkeep very low key. Other wise, it's in a ponytail everyday because I am lazy **cough**, I mean busy (well, ponytails still happen an awful lot). My hair is quite straight naturally. So doing anything other than straight takes too much time but lately I have been playing around with making it more textured.

*Take note, I am in no way instructing anyone on how to do their hair. I truly am the last person you should ask about that. Ha! I just wanted to talk about a look that I have liked.

I prefer the "beachy waves" look, I think partially because it looks easy to achieve. I wouldn't even call it "waves" though because it's more just textured hair. I like it to be a little bit messier than curled. It's quite odd, as I was looking through pictures of this style, I noticed that most of them had blonde hair. Interesting.

And the woman who may do this look best, Laura from Ascot Friday. ^^^

This is funny. I remember when I was younger, I always thought it would be the best thing ever to be a surfer. Their hair and killer tan. Super chill attitude. Now, as an adult, I am terrified of sharks and the ocean and don't like being in the sun. Funny how that works out.

Happy Friday!


***All images found through Pinterest.


Haley said...

The Olsen twins are beautiful girls, but I will never understand their need do the fish-lip-pucker for every picture. The end.

Chad de Lisle said...

agreed, duck face is terrible.