Big Sissy and Little Brother

Yesterday was one of the hardest parenting days that we have had. Geddy is getting his molars in and it's almost like he is possessed by something unholy. Obviously, that's a joke but the poor little dude has been difficult. During Sacrament Meeting he was screaming and throwing tantrums. Chad and I became numb and just didn't know what to do. I ended the day with a good cry and Chad questioned our choice of becoming parents but we stood together and decided we would face a new day tomorrow with our little bundle of wonderfulness (sore molars and all). And ya know what? Today has been better. A lot better. And we are actually considering having another child in about 10 years (haha, jokes). Even though yesterday was hard, I want to post something positive because the hard parts are only small portion of life. Let's focus on the positive!

One thing I love about Provo, is the fact that there are 3 great parks just a short walking distance from our place. It truly is a life saver. The other day, I took the Pup and Babe for another "Adventure Walk".  An Adventure Walk is simply a chance for Geddy to take the lead and adventure like a big boy (with his Mama only a few steps behind). It's one of the best things for this curious little boy, he absolutely loves it and thrives in it. 

Unlike our last walk, I actually brought my camera and snapped way too many pics. Thought I would share some-

Bobbie concerned about her wandering Brother. 

Geddy's new favorite thing is pushing the stroller. It's one of my favorites as well because that means he stays close to me instead of bolting towards the street.

Busy at work!
Tiny wet lady puppy prints.
Those curls. 
My Tiny Wonder. 

There you have it. My cutest little dude, I love him dearly. I can't believe he is almost a year and a half.

Happy Monday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I think daddy needs an adventure walk too.

Haley said...

I adore that Geddy! Those pictures make me want to pick him up and snuggle him while he tries to violently wrestle out of my arms. Sigh.