Closet Organization

Pre-Baby, I transitioned my closet for each season. Post-baby: it's now June and I am just putting away my winter attire. Yikes. It's something I look forward to each time I do it. I love clothes and organizing and this was an especially overdue situation. My shoes were just clumped at the bottom of my closet, I couldn't find matching pairs half the time.

So, during Geddy's nap time, I buckled down and decided to take care of business. Sadly, it was a much bigger on taking than I realized. So much so, that Geddy woke up and "helped" me (I am pretty sure it took twice as long because he was so helpful).

All my winter sweaters/cardigans that were, at one point, neatly folded. Here they are ghastly. 
After going through everything. Mid-Chaos.

When I started this project, I was thinking it would be 2 hours long but once Geddy woke up, we had to take lots of breaks or he would get upset. That meant this became an entire day project. I ended up donating a giant garbage bag full of clothes, which I was proud of because I struggle to get rid of clothing. I also donated 4 pairs of shoes. Huzzah! It was actually a big relief to free up a bit of space. And as I mentioned before, I was pleased with how much I got rid of, it was a big step for me (I only seem to be a pack rat when it comes to clothing, so odd).

Little Dude helping out.

The biggest problem with this project, was that it spread like wild fire into every room. We have such a small space that it seems cluttered so quickly. So during our breaks, we would be avoiding large piles of clothing or shoes. I was definitely relieved to put them away. 

This project spread like wild fire into every room. 

I was incredibly happy with the results. I have so much stuff because of my past years of working retail and, like I said, I rarely get rid of clothes (it's a problem). Even though I don't shop like I used to, we're still jam packed. I try and color coordinate my tops and such but it still looks fairly jumbled. With my shoes, I try and make it so I can see all of them or else I wear the same pairs over and over again. I still have some shoes in boxes on the top shelf but I label or know which pair is which.

My summer sweaters neatly folded. Hope they stay that way. They probably won't.

There you have it! You may have hated this post but I get a high from organizing crap like this so I thought I would document it. 

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

Look at all of those beautiful summer sweaters! I am eager to get my hands on a closet of my own so I can get it all neat and tidy (though I own about 10% of the shoes you do!).