Girls Night

Every now and then, you have to leave the babies and hubbies at home and go out with the girls. While my sister was in town (aren't you sick of me saying that?), we went up to Salt Lake to get dinner with all the Sisters. We laughed and giggled and chatted for hours.

We ate at Settelbello Pizzeria which reminded me a lot of Pizzeria 712, of course it was delicious! I ate nearly my whole Pizza and it was entirely worth it. Then we decided to continue our night out by hitting up the Cheesecake Factory for a piece of cheesecake. That too was delightful. It was a bit of a carbo-load but I won't complain :)

Heidi, Haley, and Maggie.
Elizabeth, Holly, and Me.
All of us at the Cheesecake Factory!

It was such a fun night. My sister leaves in a few short days and it hurts my heart. Boo :(

Happy Friday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

This pictures are great! (you look awesome hil!)