Kissin' Cousins

As I had mentioned before, my Sissy came home for a visit. Even though Utah is no longer her home, it's my home for her. Does that make sense? When I see her in Utah at the house where we grew up, it feels so homey. Oh the nastalgia!

I was so excited to see her little family. We got together for the first time on Friday and it was a hoot. It was wonderful to have the 3 Olson girls together again (even though we all have different last names now). We are all so similar but also incredibly different. Our personalities seem to compliment each others perfectly. So much giggling and complete chaos with all the little ones around.

Me, Haley, and Holly. Holy crap I look pale.

Geddy was thrilled to see other little kids. He was smiley and friendly with my sister and her husband but he was particularly thrilled to see Izzy and Abby. He LOVES other children and really liked how Abby was his same size and age.

He liked Abby so much that he was quite affectionate. He tried giving her a number of kisses and loves. Abby was really good about it too, even though Geddy can be a bit forward. We are gonna have to keep an eye on this kid! Just kidding, it's very sweet and completely innocent. After taking multiple pics of the two of them, I realized that I caught a funny sequence of Geddy's attempts to give kisses.

Trying to get her attention.
He's thinking about it.
Slowly leaning in.
A little closer with puckered lips and a head tilt.
And then a swift "talk to the hand". What a gentlemen. 

We also had a baking day. We used to do this every month when we both lived in Utah and it was the best time. This time we made some delightful Salted Caramel Pretzel Cookies, recipe and pics to come. My oldest sister's two girls are at the perfect age for helping with the young ones. They love to play with them but also keep them out of danger while the Mamas baked. It was really helpful.

Geddy, Ashley, Abby, Katie, and Izzy.
I think these two definitely look related. 
Katie and Izzy watching a movie. 
The super sweet and beautiful, Abby.
Pretty Izzy. She is so smart and her eyes are incredible. Reminds me so much of
Haley! Izzy was not amused by my picture taking during her movie though.

I have plans to see my sister several more times in the next week so prepare for picture bombardment.

Happy Monday!



Chase said...

Me and Chad are kissing cousins. Just ask him.

Chad de Lisle said...

"When I see her in Utah at the house where we grew up, it feels so homey."

You gals are homies!

Haley said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see my kids playing with their cousins! They are all just so happy together! I love it. And I love you. And your baby ... even though I haven't convinced him to snuggle with me yet. :)