Olson Dinner (Picture Overload)

***I feel like I did a terrible job of getting pics of EVERYONE this time. I was too hot and tired, to be honest! If I didn't get you or your child, I am super sorry. I will do better next time!***

For our Sunday Olson dinner, we actually went to the park because there were so many of us. With my Sister visiting with her family, that added another 4 wonderful people and it was just best to do it outside. It turned out to be a delightful time, although I felt like I was melting to death. I honestly don't think that my body responds to heat the same way others' do. I am dead serious. When It is warm out, I turn into another person. I become personality-less. I struggle to communicate, make eye contact, or string cohesive sentences together. I am a total mess.

We had Hogies with chips and salad. The sandwiches tasted so good. Probably because I was exhausted from the heat and hadn't eaten much that day. Or my oldest sister just knows how to make a dang good hogie. It was probably that.

Birthday Month Boys!
Kimball trying to blow out the candles. I die!

Even though all the Olson's weren't at this dinner, it was wonderful having a few more there. It's funny, my sister has lived away from us for about 2 years but during this time she has been visiting, it's like she never left. We just pick up where we left off and it feels so natural. I don't have very many people in my life like that but I cherish the ones that do.

The busiest boy, Geddy.
Geddy look sunburned but he wasn't, he was just flushed from the heat.
Swollen from the heat. So sleepy. 
My handsome spouse. 

Some wonderful Olsons.

Happy Thursday!



Rebecca said...

That cookie cake looks amazing!


Haley said...

I'm so glad you took these great pictures! Such happy memories. My next visit seems way too far away!