Play Ball

So, I believe that I mentioned this before, Chad started playing in a softball league. It's just some buddies and his brother who are in it and they have had the best time. It's been such fun going and watching the games. I played sports all growing up so I can get fairly into the hoorah of it all.

On the last night that Chad's Gram and Gramps de Lisle were in town, the family got together and went to Chad's game. It was actually a super intense game, with his team winning by 1 point in the final inning. Chad, as always, did great. I just wanted to throw two quick pictures that we got that night because they are pretty special.

Geddy with his Great Grandma and Grandpa de Lisle. 
After the game.

I think these are special because I never knew any of my Great Grandparents. In fact, I only knew one Grandmother and a Step Grandfather. My Mother didn't even meet my Dad's parents because they passed away before they met. The fact that Geddy gets to know both Grandparents and even Great Grandparents (he met Great Grandma Carter before she passed away) is really special. We are so grateful for such a loving family.

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

I love that Chad is in a softball league. Breezy summer nights at the baseball field are wonderful things.