Talking About What I Want

This is the first post in about 2 weeks where I didn't have anything planned. These posts can be really fun or horrible because you don't know what to say. Today, I decided to write about frivolous things. Purely because I can.

One of my favorite things to write about is style (and my son, obviously). Whether it be interior design or clothing, I have always loved it. So, today I am posting my recent loves from Pinterest. There really is no theme with the items, just the fact that I think they are super neat-o.

Love the pattern choice here. And the shape of it.
It's official, I need to find dope sneakers for this fall. Maybe stick with classic
high top chucks? We'll see.
I love this house. I would totally live here.
Love this dress. Lightweight, casual, but pretty. Perfect for a Summer night walk.
I am DESPERATE for a new swimming suit. I am currently loving the retro
looking one pieces like this one. Really lovely.
It's just fantastic. 
Gray, white and stripes. I couldn't ask for more. 
I love the fit of this dress. It's fitted in the right places but covers enough to make you
look like a lady.  So charming.
I love the picture of the Bull above the couch. I think it's a bull. It's awesome.  
These high waisted trousers in that color are to die for. Excellent paired
with stripes.
Particularly fond of this home. The white picket fence and cottage-esq feel. I absolutely love it. 

There you have it. Complete fluff. But it was totally fun. 

Happy Tuesday!


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