That Moment When...

Today we had a bit of a rough start. Geddy and I both woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I had a particularly pessimistic outlook on the day because it was going to be me and the babe home all day. That can be super daunting. We quickly ate breakfast and went on our Adventure walk. It was literally like 8:00 am but it's suppose to hit 102 degrees outside today which means, this Mama will not be stepping outside past 10 am. Unless it's to get into the car and go buy myself some ice-cream.

After our hour long walk, we were in much better spirits. We arrived home, we played, read books, watched Sesame Street and then ate lunch. It's tricky because on Thursdays, the lawn mowers come at about 11:30 to mow the lawns so I have to hold off putting Geddy down. And with little dude getting molars in, it's been a tricky task. It wasn't too bad though, I would say things went pretty seamlessly today.

Finally the mowers finished and I put the little dude down for his nap. I love nap time. After putting him down, I stepped out of his room and turned to see my living room. You know that moment where you just pause and wonder what exactly happened because your house is such a disaster. I almost didn't even recognize the room I was in. I seriously thought to myself "when did this happen?"

Oh chaos. Sorry for the terrible lighting!

I thought it was a funny moment that all Mothers could relate to. And if you don't relate, you're lying.

I will have you know that I did clean this up and rewarded myself with a delightful lunch of a tuna fish sandwich, apple, and Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos (because they are so goooooooood).

Happy Thursday!


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