The Pie Pizzeria Review

So, I have been told so many times from oodles of people that The Pie is the best pizzeria in Utah. I even had one say it's the best pizzeria in the country! That only meant that I needed to go and try it for myself.

I am picky with pizza. Those who know me well, understand that I have a real aversion to anything doughy. Particularly doughy breads. So, if I have a pizza that isn't cooked enough, I get shivers down my spine and refuse to eat it. I also can't have it too cheesy because it makes me cringe. It's weird how picky I am when it comes to this kind of food.

We were told several pizzas that people like to order when they go so we had an idea of what things are really yummy. We got cheese pull-aparts, as well as cinnamon pull-aparts. As far as pizzas go, we ordered a classic Pepperoni and a Chicken Ranch pizza. I will tell you that this place did not disappoint  The crust was thick but not doughy. The sauce was delightful and a perfect combination of savory and acidic. My favorite was by far the Chicken Ranch Pizza. I am embarrassed to say that I love Ranch on sandwiches and...everything so, this was right down my alley. There was a Ranch sauce topped with tomatoes, chicken, bacon, onions, and cheese. The Pepperoni Pizza was fine, good enough.

The Pepperoni Pizza.
The Chicken Ranch Pizza, my favorite.

The cheese pull-aparts were especially tasty. They had an awesome marinara that you could dip it in. And we ended our meal with the Cinnamon Pull-Aparts which was a perfect sweet treat. Before you judge by the amount of carbs we ate, there were actually 3 of us there. Aj, Chad's brother, came with us so we aren't total beasts. But that is still a ton of food for 3 people...we're awesome.

Cinnamon Pull-Aparts.

Overall, I would definitely say that this is some of the best pizza I have had. You can totally tell the ingredients are great quality and the crust is really something to write about. It's terrific! Go eat it. The setting is fun and the food is indulge worthy.

Happy Thursday!


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Ester Durães said...

oh those pizzas look yummy!

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