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We so enjoyed having Chad's Grandparents in town. They came down from Washington for Jordy's wedding and they are the most delightful people. Grams and Gramps de Lisle know that Geddy is a big lover of books. So, they gave us some cash so we could buy Geddy some new books (they wanted to pick some themselves but didn't want to choose ones we already had).

So, these were the new books that we got from Geddy's Great Grams and Gramps!

We wanted to get a book that we knew Geddy would love. We have two other "How Do Dinosaurs..." books and he loves them. When we read them, he roars on each page because he knows that's the sound that Dinosaurs would make. Then we wanted to get a new book that he hasn't seen before so we chose "When A Dragon Moves In" and it's as cute as can be.

When A Dragon Moves In:

This story is about a boy who builds such a great sandcastle that a Dragon moves in and they pal around all day. It's cute and endearing and I thought it was season appropriate, it being Summer and all.

I love the artwork.

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food:

As I mentioned before, we already loved this series so we just had to get another one. And it did not disappoint. This teaches how well behaved dinosaurs eat their food (but gives examples of what dinosaurs shouldn't do). The artwork is adorable and the story is charming. I really love this series.

"Stick beans up his nose?" Too funny!
Pinky in the air and everything.

Because this was specifically a gift from Geddy's Great Grandparents, I wanted to document inside the book so we would remember who gave them to us. So, I wrote it in each book :)

Ooops! I forgot the "s" after Gram. My bad.

We love you Grams and Gramps and thank you so much for the books!

Happy Wednesday!


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