18 Month Update! (Picture Overload)

This was as close as I could get our Scandinavian Warrior to the blanket. Definitely independent. 

The little dude is now a year and a half! Can you believe it? I certainly can't. He is BUSTING with personality and energy, this Mama is desperate to keep up each day. Where do I begin? Hmmm...

We are becoming more and more familiar with tantrums. Geddy has a strong will, I think it has to do with his rough birth and the fighter he had to be from the start. Though he is usually happy and content, when something is taken away from him or he isn't allowed to jump on the bed or play in the fridge, he will let you know exactly how that makes him feel. He is an old pro at the fake cry as well but we see right through it :)

Tantrum because I wouldn't let him have the camera.
This is fake, do not be fooled!

Little dude has become quite tough. When he trips or bonks his head, he is pretty good to get up and keep going (unless he sees you watching, then he'll give a little fake cry). When he gets hurt really bad, he gets very angry. If you go to his aid during that time he will lash about and refuse to be consoled. It's kind of challenging because I don't know what to do. Usually, I let him calm down and then try and give him loves. 

From about 14-16 months, Geddy was super affectionate. We would get hugs, cuddles, kisses but he has swiftly out grown that. I will beg for a kiss but he will shake his head no while swishing his hands back and forth. He is too busy for cuddles now a days. I miss them so bad. I actually had a moment this week where I saw a woman holding an infant and I got baby hungry! That's right, it actually happened! But, don't get your hopes up, we won't be having one soon, sorry. Geddy has also just started to get nervous when Chad and I leave. I mean, he actually cries. I feel so bad leaving him in nursery when he gets upset, breaks my heart. But then I think "you don't act like you enjoy my company much when I am there, what's the difference when I leave!" (haha!)

Geddy loves jumping on the bed with Daddy and playing with puffy, soft, things like pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. He plays peek-a-boo and it's probably the cutest thing you've ever see. We have just recently started seeing Geddy and Bobbie play a bit too, which means Geddy chases Bobbie while laughing and Bobbie runs for her life. She is such a good girl. 

Geddy loves being tossed onto the couch by Daddy!

Geddy has never really been attached to things or specific about toys until recently. He has taken a strong liking to cars. Big cars, little cars, wood cars, hot wheel cars, you name it! He has even started to make the car sounds while he plays with them on the carpet. It's been one of my favorite things to see as a parent. Ya know, to see your child find something that THEY like and that THEY choose. I have wondered if maybe he wil be a mechanic (I realize that many children love cars and don't become mechanics), which would be great because we don't really have a car person in our family.

Geddy also loves the movies Fantastic Mr. Fox and Wreck it Ralph, especially when he can watch them on my iPad. It's a huge relief actually, because I can turn that on for him while I do a quick work out at home and he stays pretty content.

Geddy still sleeps like a dream, usually clocking in about 12 hours a night with a 2-3 hour nap. It's been so wonderful. He still gets a bath from Daddy before bed and has learned to fold his arms for prayers. It's funny because he will fold his arms but then get really upset because he realizes that no one will pay attention to him and that he will have to go to bed soon. At least he folds his arms for a minute! We don't do bottles anymore, of course, but we still use his dippy (pacifier) for bedtime. I know, I know, shame on us! But, I will get to it here in the next month or two.

That face is amazing. All boy.
One of his favorite positions. 

Geddy still loves fruit, particularly strawberries and bananas in yogurt. His favorite meal is probably spaghetti (with wheat noodles) or sloppy joes. He is a good eater, I must say. If he is hungry he will eat a lot of things. I have officially become "one of those Mothers" and I will tell you why. Geddy doesn't really like vegetables. I have tried to give him peas or carrots but he just spits them out so I have started sneaking them into his other food. So, when we eat sloppy joes or spaghetti, I mash a bunch of canned carrots and peas and put them in his food right before we serve it to him. That way, I am ensuring that he is getting some kind of vegetable. Chad teases me about it and has asked me to not sneak anything into his food. Haha.

A one in a million picture of Little Dude sitting still.

Geddy is still not a big talker. He has started saying a few more words but he doesn't rely on them too much. He still uses signs quite a bit, which is great. I am so eager to talk to this kid though. I feel like thats the one facet we haven't gotten to yet and I am DYING to hear what he has to say. I can't wait.

Geddy loves music. Whenever he hears it, he will start dancing. He actually does this amazing thing with Chad's Mom. Glamma will start off and introduce Geddy really loudly (as she does this his face gets really excited and he does the surprise face). She'll say something like "Introducing, the most wonderful, incredible, awesomest boy....Geddy!" then, she'll sing a little song that goes like "dada da ta, da da da ta" and Geddy busts out dancing. His arms flail back and forth and his toes do quick steps. Sometimes, he will get really focused and watch his feet as he dances as quickly has he can. Then at the end of the song, we all put our hands in the air and say "Swing!" and that's the end. Then Geddy looks at Glamma so fervently and asks for "Mo" as he does the sign for "more". I must get a video of it so I can put it on here. It's too cute.

That, my friends, is our tiny wonder. He is so happy and has a passion for life. Sometimes, I feel bad that I am Geddy's mom because I feel so inadequate to protect this incredibly special spirit but I am always trying and am constantly reminded just how much I love him. He truly is our tiny wonder. **eyes water**

Happy Tuesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

This little man is my best friend.

Haley said...

What a stud. I, like Geddy, am consumed by a blinding rage whenever I stub my toe or hit my head. If Ty asks if I'm okay I usually just go, "GRRRRR!" Geddy and I must be related. :)

Sarah Schwieger said...

Such a fun post! If you are ever craving baby cuddles, come on over! You could have two babies at a time, if you really wanted. :)