Are Those Overalls?

I remember in Jr. High when Silver Brand Overalls were all the craze. Pairing those bad boys with those ridiculous platform white tennis shoes. You know the ones. They were too expensive for me but I just remember thinking how complete my wardrobe would feel if I just had a pair.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer rocking some oversized overalls from the 90's.
Overalls weren't just for girls!

Like many trends, the overalls faded out and a new trend replaced it. Well, I am noticing that overalls are coming full circle and popping up all over the place. Not the same flared Silver Brand ones but a more slim fitting, retro feel. 

Random famous people wearing the trend.
Found on Pinterest.

I was once told: if a trend was around when you were in Jr. High/High School and then reappears when you are an adult, you are too old to wear the trend again. In some cases that seems like pretty sound advise (I won't be rocking pooka shell necklaces any time soon) but does that apply for everything?

I don't think I will be jumping on board this fashion train. It's not to say that overalls CAN'T be cute but I think it's kind of a hard look to pull off. Here are a few lovely ladies who have done a fantastic job at rocking the old school style.

Maybe if I found the perfect pair I would consider it but I am certainly not on the hunt for any. 

So, overalls? Would you dare?

Happy Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

As a gay boy in high school I remember being so jealous of girls who had silver overalls, I thought they were so cute. But now in my out and proud adult life I've found a few pairs at thrift shops for $12! They pair really well with a pair of converse and a vintage tshirt. No more platform tennis shoes! LOL! If you look hard enough now you might be able to find them on ebay or thrift shops :)

Liz said...

You're never too old to wear whatever you want. In fact as an adult, you can actually wear whatever you want! Just make sure it fits...