Desperately Artistic

I don't consider myself artistic. I am creative enough but I don't think I have ever created a painting or sculpture that is artistically breathtaking. I do believe words can be beautiful and hope that some small fragment of all this babbling that I do could be considered beautiful. Perhaps?

Anyway. I haven't known what to write the last few days. I feel uninspired and kind of bare. I don't know what to say or what to tell you. I am going through a bit of a strange transition personally right now, it's a time of growth but sometimes growth is uncomfortable. Kind of like getting a charlie horse in the middle of the night. I use to get those as a teenager and again when I was pregnant with Geddy, oh it was awful but I ended up fine anyway :) Sometimes you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable for a little while (I straight up just quoted Jillian Michaels in her Yoga DVD, ha, I'm awesome).

When I was in High School, I considered pursuing photography in college. I had always been interested in it but really didn't have any experience. I was deterred from it because I had a lot of people tell me that it wasn't practical (funny considering I ended up being an English Major in hopes of teaching High School with a big fat paycheck...sarcasm). I really love seeing raw portraits of people. The more natural and imperfect, the better.

Katharine Hepburn
Johnny Cash. Pardon the smoking.
Marion Cotillard

I have a goal in life (okay, I have lots of goals but hear me out). Before I die I want to have really natural and raw pictures taken of Chad and myself. Kind of conceded, am I right? I am not talking glamour pictures, I am talking makeup-less, close up, hair a mess, natural expression, real portrait. I would even love it if I were old and super wrinkly, something that my kids and grandbabies could look at and say "that was the real Hil". The ones where you could almost read my thoughts.

I adore Winona Ryder. And that hair! It makes me want to cut mine again!
Wrinkles and frizzy hair. Bill Murray.

It's transparently Emo of me but it's something I really want to have someday. Sorry that all the examples are of celebrities, that wasn't my intention.

Not sure who this is.
Kurt Cobain
Would you ever want this instead of the classic family photo? I totally do. Maybe in the next few years I will seek out a killer photographer who would do something like this for us. It would be neat to have something so different. 

Happy Monday!


***All images found on Pinterest.


Chad de Lisle said...

I love this idea! WE should do it! (the big cheeked gentlemen is Dizzy Gillespie- Famous Jazz Trumpeter)

Haley said...

We should live next to each other when we're old. You'll be the eclectic lady with the long gray braid, snuggly animals and welcoming wild flowers in her front yard. I'll be the one with globe-style hair, a tummy pooch, cardigan sweaters and pearls.