Everest: Beyond the Limit

Chad started reading Into Thin Air a few weeks ago and we were both captivated. Every time he would read a chapter he would tell me everything that happened. It was so fascinating. I really need to just sit down and read it for myself. It is the author's personal account of the "Mount Everest Disaster", which took place in 1996.

The book really sparked Chad's interest in Everest and the people who try to climb it. He himself doesn't want to climb it (because you have to be insane) but he wanted to find out more about it. We noticed on Netflix that there was a show called Everest: Beyond the Limit, so we thought we would give it a gander.

After the first episode we were hooked. We ended up watching 2 seasons (about 15 episodes) in a week. It's seriously fascinating. I would look at Chad after every episode and say "Who would want to do this to themselves?!" I will confess though, it's inspiring to see someone so dedicated to a goal. Even if it involves risking their lives.

Each season follows a group of climbers that try to Summit the daunting Mount Everest. They are lead by an experienced climber, Russell Brice. I would trust Russel Brice with my life. He is a wise, older fellow, from New Zealand. He wants everyone to survive so he will tell people if they can't continue. Crazy scary things happen, people loose toes, can't breath, even die. This show has made me never want to climb Mount Everest ever. Never ever ever ever.

Trusty and Wise, Russell Brice.

So, if you are interested in a cool reality TV show, I would totally suggest this one. It's super intense, so much so that Chad and I would catch ourselves holding our breath as we watched the climbers struggle to breath. It's really good though, just watch it. Plus, it's from the Discovery Channel so it's quite tame.

Have any of you been sucked in to any good TV shows lately? If so, do share.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

I think I read that book back when I was first married. A fascinating read, indeed. The pragmatic side of me kept shouting at the pages and pages of misery, "why? Why? WHY??" I lack that kind of conviction for any of my hobbies. :)