Getting Acquainted with a Post Baby Body

-J.K. Rowling- I think this is the best thing she has ever written. 

One would likely suppose that I would write this post 6 months after my son was bored but I haven't been ready to write it until right now. Having a child flipped my world upside down and made it a better place. He made my heart nearly explode and has made me cry more tears than anyone else. Carrying and delivering a baby (well, he was technically cut out of my body) made me a better person.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of pressure. I'm not talking about the pressure of being a good Mother like I usually do but the pressure to have a pre baby body, even though you are living in a post baby world. I never had body issues when I was a teenager. I know that I mentioned playing a lot of sports in my youth and so it wasn't an issue. But having a baby has changed not only my heart, mind, strength, and really, my very soul but has transformed my body to something that I am not entirely familiar with.

I would love to say that I was someone who didn't feel any pressure to look a certain way. It's hard to avoid those feelings when that is what is thrown at you from media and even other bloggers. I sometimes find it alarming by how many people expect you to be back in pre-pregnancy jeans only a few weeks after the delivery. Is that healthy? Mentally or physically? I think not.

I would certainly say that my weight loss journey has been slow but steady. My goal has never been to lose weight so I can be skinny, it's so that I can be healthy and a good example for my son. But I am also not putting the pressure on myself to have the exact same figure as before. Even though I have lost most of the weight, my body isn't the same. Pregnancy kind of makes everything deflate. Ha, it's true! My boobs, stomach and butt are in new locations that are further South than before. There are stretch marks riddling my tummy but I have made progress in accepting my new stripes :)

I want to proclaim the pride I have for my body though. This flesh and bones helped create a baby and kept it alive and growing for 9 months. It produced milk so that I could feed my child and healed after being cut open (even if it took an additional 5 months. I will never forget you Gregory!!!) My body never stopped trying. Even during 3 am feedings, it still sleepily walked to the baby's room to nurse with him. Bodies are incredible things. Why do we put so much pressure on them, not only working properly but looking perfectly too.

6 months after Geddy's birth, I changed my thinking. It wasn't a simple flick of a switch, it took a little time to get adjusted. I accepted that I will not have the exact same youthful figure as my athletic, 16 year old, self. I can have a healthy body that still feels healthy and looks it too but I wear a new pride this time. Those stretch marks and saggy boobs are a result of something so extraordinary, so Sci-Fi. And it's nothing that some high waisted jeans and a good bra can't support.

With  accepting your new physique, you learn some things about what works as far as clothing. This last week, I did a deep purge of my jeans. I worked at Nordstrom for a good amount of time and so I had accumulate several really nice designer brand jeans that I adored. They were still in great condition but the truth is, this girlfriend can't wear low rise jeans anymore. I don't have a six pack, which I am fine without but because my C-Section took so long to heal, it has kind of gone concave. Meaning, it dents in a bit and causes my tummy to sag over it a tad. TMI? Probably. Sorry. That just means that I need to get some mid rise or high waisted pants. Aka, granny pants. Jokes :)

I don't fit in the larger sized jeans that I was wearing right after Geddy was born because they are too big but I can no longer sport the low rise denim that I wore before. Someone shopping at D.I. will be incredibly excited to find what I donated last week. It was actually incredibly hard to part with those pants. I wasn't wearing them because they weren't comfortable but it's like I was cutting off a limb. Weird, huh? But I took the plunge, it was yet another step of acceptance and I felt really good about it after.

I am now on the hunt for some nice new denim that *fits* comfortably but that aren't falling off my hips. I always go for the skinny jean, I prefer them as my everyday pair. I have actually stolen one of Chad's belts because my current jeans are too big and falling off my hips.

There are 3 pairs of denim that I like to own at the same time. Apart from fit (which is a priority), color is crucial. Instead of getting 3 pairs of blue jeans, I prefer to have 1 pair of dark blue denim, gray denim, and army green denim. The reason I wouldn't want multiple pairs of blue denim is because a different color, like the green or gray, can make a look seem a bit more interesting. Also, you would be incredibly surprised by how many things go with the army green. I had a pair that I wore out because I wore them so much. It makes things less boring.

BDG brand from Urbanoutfitters.com. One of my favorite denim brands and for a decent price.
7 For All Mankind Army Green Skinnies. Too expensive for my current wallet but you get the idea.
Gray Toothpick Denim from JCrew.com. Slightly more expensive but they're a great color and shape.

Even though I have lost the "baby weight" I don't want to allow myself to stop there. I feel like being healthy is a journey that never stops. I don't want to ever stop being active because it allows me to keep up with my unbelievably busy boy. I have a clearer mind and can problem solve better. It's miraculous what your body can do.

Awesome shaped!

So today, be kind to your body. Compliment it. Tell it how amazing it is and how grateful you are for all it's hard work because we owe it a lot.

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

What a great post! I remember Mom commenting on how absurd the modern day pressure is to be back to your pre-baby body 3 months (TOPS) after having a baby. And it is crazy! I get so mad at myself when it starts creeping into my brain. I just remember Holly's wise words of, "Eat right. Exercise. Dress nice. Then just love what God gave you." Amen to that!

Chad de Lisle said...

This is beautiful. Superbly written.