Happy 4th of July

It's a good day. Although, Independence Day isn't my favorite Holiday, simply because it's too hot outside, I do recognize it's importance. Our country isn't perfect but I am so grateful for the freedom and blessings that I have experienced because I grew up here.

There is one scene in a movie that will always represent the 4th of July so well to me. It would have to be the scene in Sandlot where the neighborhood is set up for BBQs and fireworks are going as the boys run to their field to play some baseball. It's just so American.

Happy Independence Day (and Thursday) everyone! And I pray that God will bless America.


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Haley said...

Oh man, I just got caught up on your blog and it was just what I needed! Moving has swallowed me whole, and then spit me out in a sticky mess of saliva. That's how I'm feeling about life right now.

But your blog, hilarious!I love Sandlot, love it! That's wild that overalls are back in style. Are giant, military style, black sketcher boots cool too? Because I had some of those in high school and I was da bomb.

Back to unpacking!