Secrets and Poop

So, I am terrible at keeping secrets from Chad. About 2 weeks ago, I arranged a time for me and Chad to get away in September for our Anniversary. I went so far as emailing his boss and making sure he could take the time off and making it clear that it was a surprise. I was envisioning how shocked he would be when I told him the day before. From the time that I scheduled everything and set it up to now, I have almost told Chad like 5 or 6 times. 

Last night, Chad was feeling overwhelmed with work stuff and so I spilled the beans so he would have something to look forward to. I was so excited to tell him. I was losing sleep over it, that's how pumped I was. My urge to tell secrets to Chad is crazy, it reminds Kristen Wiig playing Sue on SNL. I almost can't control my limbs and face because I get so freakin' excited. 

Chad was surprised and excited, just much sooner than I intended.

"I love surprises. I am so freakin' excited!"

On a less pleasant note, we had a poopy disaster last night. It was HORRIFYING. If you don't want to hear about poop, skip this part. Chad was giving Geddy a bath and we heard a loud deep fart bubble up from the water. Alarmed we both checked to make sure there was no floaters and were relieved to find nothing. Chad was brushing his teeth and I walked away to tidy the living room and Geddy went very, suspiciously, quiet.

"He pooped!" I hear Chad yell from the bathroom. I have had this situation happen to me with Geddy before so I knew what to do. I pulled Geddy out of the tub and he went running, butt naked. He was pumped. I start to empty the tub to clean it and all his toys. Because he had just pooped, I thought he was done so we didn't put a diaper on him because he was going right back into the freshly cleaned tub for another bath. Suddenly I hear Chad yell from the living room "he pooped on the carpet!" We were laughing and screaming, straight up chickens with their heads cut off. We couldn't problem solve because we were so freaked out. After finally getting our witts together, we cleaned everything up- me taking the tub and Chad cleaning the carpet.

Last night, I dreamed about more poop. It was awful.

Aren't you glad I shared that?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Was anyone else excited about the Royal Baby's arrival? I totally was. Such a special time for that Royal couple! I am a total sucker.

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Haley said...

Ha ha. I'm glad you wrote that poop story down because it's a good one! I too, was excited about the Royal Baby's arrival. I'm really not into celebrity couples at all, but Will and Kate have me captivated.