Sunny Out and About (Picture Overload)

Yesterday was such a nice day. In the morning, we went out on a family walk. We actually went to an empty park and were able to let our lady pup off her lead so she could run free. She is such a good dog,  never goes too far from us and always comes when called (well...most the time). It was an particulalry special walk because Chad could join us! He comes on lots of walks with us but never in the morning because he is at work. 

I brought my camera with me so I could take pictures. I feel like I take pictures of all the same things but honestly, that's what our life consists of, tons of walks.

I repainted my toes the other day. Not being much of a makeup person, painted toes is one thing I refuse to go without. I think it has something to do with my shoe obsession. I feel naked and dirty if my toes aren't painted and fresh. Not to say that they don't chip and go a few days looking terrible but, I've got to have something on them. Feet are kind of weird and a fresh coat of nail polish helps spruce them up a bit. Or at least distract from the weirdness. And I am sporting another pair of those Target Sandals that I have been obsessed with this Summer. I actually have tan lines from wearing them so much.

Check out Chad's calves ^^^ Nuts, huh?
These two, I'm obsessed. Also, that shadow is my scary huge hand.

Our little dude has become quite interested in Dandelions. He will try to blow on them but gets confused when he puts them up to his mouth so he ends up kind of eating it. It's pretty cute. There is a lot of us pulling those out of his mouth.

I really don't take enough pictures of myself. They are always of the boys and my dog so I am trying to have Chad take the camera for a moment and document that I was there. Unfortunately, I hadn't even showered yet so I look pretty ghastly. Doesn't help that I made a monster face but I didn't feel like posing with a normal smile. BUT, I was there dangit!

Showing off how pretty I look.
Looking so put together.
And the token reflection shot. 

Because it was SO warm out, we eventually sought out shade on the playground. Bobbie Dylan joined us, she is no dummy. She loved having Chad there, total Daddy's girl.

I loved this picture.
This lady was happy to be free for a bit.

Though he doesn't do it as often, the little dude still likes to push the stroller. He becomes very focused and empties everything that is in the little basket before he starts pushing. I don't know why but he doesn't like anything to be in there. Geddy is so busy, especially when we are outside so, I try desperately to get shots of his face but they rarely turn out. They end up capturing the back of his head, ear, or just a complete blur. I did get one that looked great, it's one of my favorites.

One of my favorite shots. 

After the park, we all felt like this:

I caught our lady pup lounging sluggishly. This is what the heat does to our family.

Even though we aren't Summer people, we are really trying to make the most of it. And Geddy boy, has been absolutely loving it.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

I love that second-to-last photo of Geddy. What a stud in his plaid shirt. You always joke that you take too many pictures of Geddy, but with kids you have to take a million just to get one that pans out!