The 4th of Ju-Lisle

<<< Everyone notice those little social media buttons on the left there. They took me way more time to figure out than I'd like to admit and caused profanities to be muttered under my breath. Please just notice them. Just so that I know someone saw that they happened. 

Our Holiday was one of the best we've had in a while. It was calm, low key but full of fun and laughter. We started the day off by simply staying home. Chad and I are pretty big home bodies so this was super nice. Geddy went down for a long nap while Chad and his brother and Dad, went to go play catch. After that we headed over to the de Lisle home and had a BBQ and enjoyed fireworks.

Chad turbo spinning the lighter during our fireworks show.

This Holiday was the kind where the baby walks around pantless or shirtless with the saggiest of saggy diapers, a mouth full of Mac N Cheese and a sippy cup brimming with Root Beer (watered down of course). Each of us look like we are partially melted from the heat but no one cares. Chad felt bad leaving our lady pup at home so we took her along. While the other dogs were shaking from the fireworks, Bobbie was perched at the window barking at EVERYTHING. That girl is a terrier through and through. 

Seeing fireworks for the first time.

After our delicious BBQ we headed out to start the fireworks. This was Geddy's first experience with them. Little dude is really brave generally but I will admit that those high screeching fireworks were quite off putting to our tiny wonder. By the end of the firework show, he was running and playing with Grumpa on the sidewalk (away from the fireworks, of course).

Every year, the de Lisle's do a "Burning of the Shoe". We pretty much take an old shoe, stuff it full of fireworks and light it up. It represents the burden of the trial from the previous year being lifted. It's like burning ones problems and stresses from the past so you can start a new. It's fun but very stinky.

The burning of the shoe.

I was so enraged that I forgot my real camera and was forced to use my cell phone. Boo. My deepest apologies.

This picture cracked me up. I sure do love my in-laws! (Can't you tell ;))
Happy Independence Day!

Happy Friday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

Too bad we did't get any pics of me jumping the fireworks.