My Liz Lemon Moment

So, Sunday was funny.

I had an incident that was embarrassingly awesome. I have these sometimes, where the funny outweighs the embarrassing just enough to share it. Yesterday, I was out in public and I heard a quiet "pop" sound. The only thing was, I also felt the pop high on my ribs...

I thought to myself quietly "Noooooooo way". My face became stone as I realized...

My bra just broke.

That's right, the underwire, literally snapped from the girth of my chest. That would happen to me.

Luckily, it wasn't something noticeable (I say hopefully), so I was able to get home without any issue.

Sadly, I only had that one bra (that wasn't a sports bra). That's right people. I am a failure of a mature woman and don't have drawers full of frilly undergarments. Because that's lame and such a waste of money.

Chad thought it was all too funny and strongly advised that I go get a new one......and then another new one so I wouldn't just have one bra.

The best part is, I went to go get a new one and they don't have my size many places because I have a freakishly wide rib cage (thumbs up lasting effects of pregnancy (no, I am not pregnant)). Okay, that's dramatic, I ended up finding some at Target that will work just fine. And I got more than 1! I am a real lady now!

This all seems so Liz Lemon to me. And I kind of love it.

The quote below doesn't actually go with this picture but she is just cool enough to post both. 
         I don't think you wanna take advice from me on this. I ate a Three Musketeers bar for lunch and                 
         this bra is held together by tape.
         -Liz Lemon

Happy Monday! 


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Jenny said...

Hahahahaha! This makes me think of the first time I ever went to a concert and got stuck in the mosh pit...I was so smooshed in there that when a person behind me swayed to the left as I swayed to the right, my bra unhooked in the back. It was so tightly packed in there that I couldn't get out to fix my bra for a full 15 minutes : )