Today is Just Weird

Today has been weird. I am only half way through the day and it's just been off.

We started off with an adventure walk that just went terribly wrong. Geddy tripped and got a bloody nose (his first one) and I wanted to punch a pale, read, headed lady (who was running laps around us in her bare feet) because she was just staring at me as I was trying to wrangle a screaming toddler and a leashed dog back to our stroller. I have never been so close to flipping a person off in real life. She almost got the bird but I must be a good example for my boy. I was actually really proud of myself for the self control.

After praying for forgiveness for all the profanity that I uttered under my breath, we kept on strolling. We tried to go to the other park that we often attend but it was swarming with people who had just finished a race. And poor Geddy. He was just struggling. I felt so bad and kept trying to help him but he was frustrated and upset.

Then I got one of my first "Anonymous" commenters. They always keep it classy and say condescending things. They stay anonymous for a reason. Luckily there is a delete button.

It's just been so strange today.

Happy Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

You're an exceptional mother, a talented writer, and a beautiful human being.

Haley said...

Just windmill kick the red head. There's no way Geddy wouldn't be proud of that. Hope your day improves!