What I've Liked Lately

This post is just dedicated to the random stuff that I have really liked lately. They are in no way connected but enjoyable none the less.

I had been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day something or other and liked it well enough but honestly, I get tired of doing the same work out over and over again. It was getting to the point where I would think about doing that video again and I would be overwhelmed with dread and despair (I work out so my heart won't explode, not for pleasure). If I have to do those dang lunge squats one more time, I will go postal on my TV.

SO, I thought I would mix it up a bit and try something completely different. Like Yoga! I still wanted it to be kind of a workout and I read the review on the "Yoga Meltdown" and it sounded like it was something I wanted to try. And I am so glad that I did! Those who have worked out with Jillian before (aka, her malicious videos) knows that she is not one for the weak. Her Yoga routine was no different, I was shaking and sweating by the end of my first try (that may have just outed exactly how weak I am). Yoga is really neat. It's still super challenging (if you do it right) but it's rather therapeutic. I would suggest this one, if you are interested in a different kind of work out experience.

I remember growing up, my brother Grant would tape the new Seinfelds that were going to be on. That's right, I said "tape" not DVR, this was the 90's, for Pete's sake! And he taped them for good reason, the show is brilliant. Chad got some Amazon gift cards (I swear this is not an advertisement for Amazon, we just really love it) so we thought we would start collecting the seasons. It's been so delightful re-watching this show. It's definitely a classic. And can we talk about Elaine's hair and blazers in those first seasons? Unreal.

This last week I got to see my dear, sweet, Abbyquela. I believe I have mentioned her here before but if not, she is my fraulein. Her real name is Abby (I, being the person who gives everything a nickname, dubbed her as Abbyquela (spoken with a Spanish accent)).

I have some crazy memories with this girl, including singing to songs at the top of our lungs as we cruised around in a rented Mini Van while my car was being repaired during our college years. ANYWAY, she told me about these Goldfish that were really delightful, so of course, I "had to get them for Geddy" **wink, wink, nudge, nudge**. They do not disappoint, my friends, they are cupcake flavored! Um, ok, yeah, they are that good.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Oh yeah! We had Geddy's 18 month check up and everything looks great! Here are his current measurements.

Length: 33 1/2" (81%)
Weight: 27lbs 13oz (74%)
Head: 19" (63%)

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Haley said...

I really love that yoga video too! How about those chaturunga (sp?) pushups? Terrible, terrible things.

Seinfeld is so great. I watched an episode once with Julia Louis Dreyfus commentating and she said (in regards to her style), "Look at me! Those stylists never had any idea what to do with my hair!"