Oh, how I love Tina Fey.

So, I haven't been sleeping well. Okay, let me restate that. I haven't been sleeping enough. I sleep like a rock but I just haven't been getting enough of it.

Sleep is such a precious thing. I think back to those first weeks with Geddy and the lack of sleep that I got and shiver.

Because of my lack of sleep lately, I have been feeling so sluggish. Dirty house, unfolded laundry, unworked out body, poor eating. Just blah to the max. It's hard, we have been so swamped with so much stuff that we stay up late so we can just relax for a second. That means we go to bed late and wake up painfully drowsy.

This needs to change.

In other news, Geddy has started doing the darnedest cute thing ever on our adventure walks. He likes us to stop and sit down in the middle of the sidewalk. He thinks it's so super cool. But I have to sit down with him. And the lady pup has to come over and get close. It's pretty fantastic.

I am trying to get off caffeine again. That stuff is my favorite but I can tell that I am drinking too much of it. I want to drink it casually, like when we are out at dinner once or twice a week. Not daily. It's funny, I have kicked the habit multiple times but it just always calls me back. Rude.

This post is about absolutely nothing. But...

Deal with it.

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

I love that facial expression on Tina's face. That is how I feel right now after eating way too many cookies. Bleeeeeeeh. I loved talking to you today. You're my bestie.