Fall Necessity

Hey guys, things have been crazy around here but I found a quiet moment last night to blog so I  took it!

Fall is coming, I can feel it in my bones. I love it. That means, my listing of things I would like to get for my fall wardrobe is becoming very real. I think about this stuff guys, I am a weirdo. 

This specific item is a piece that I almost always have on my list of things to get each fall but I have never actually purchased one. Which is complete nonsense, considering it is totally a classic item that everyone should own. 

It's the Trench Coat. You can dress it up, dress it down, you can layer with it for colder weather or alone with a T-Shirt on a rainy day. It can be rocker cool or preppy chic. Literally, a trench coat can do it all. 

Can't go wrong with a classic

Here is the thing though, there are a few different designs that I have seen and been rather fond of. I am not usually one to buy that tan khaki color, I prefer more of the army green or something with a slight flair to it.

This is nice with a slight peplum, in army green.

Or there is the, ever so popular, leather sleeved trench coat that we have seen everywhere the last few years. Really nice combination, very stylish and gives a bit of an edge.

Burberry Leather  Sleeved Trench on the uber adorable, Emma Watson. I adore her. 

One that I came across and was extremely fond of, was this little number. I really like that it has the gray panel accents at the top. I feel like it's different but not as trendy as the leather sleeves. Easily dressed up or down, it would totally be a classic piece for any closet.


This is the year you guys. I am going to find the perfect trench.

Happy Fall Wardrobe Listing Friday!


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Haley said...

I love the first, classic one ... that's typical me. I am in desperate need of a new coat, too.