Matured Fashion Crush

Frequent readers may recall how I describe what I will look like when I get older. Gray hair (likely in a braid or maybe in a short, sassy, do), big whacky glasses, loads of silver and turquoise jewelry, Birkenstocks, long flowy skirts. I would describe it as "eclectic".

I am excited to grow old. I am all about embracing wrinkles and gray hairs. Who needs cosmetic surgery when you have earned every wrinkle on your smiling face? Aging is beautiful, it's a right of passage (coloring your hair and wearing make-up is totally acceptable, of course). I think there is something so breathtaking about gray hair paired with smile lines and crows feet.  

I feel like you can wear whatever you want when you get older too. I doubt people agree with that but think about it: you have lived an awesome life, learned a bunch of stuff, now you wait out the rest of your years being happy (hopefully), may as well wear what you want! Bold colors, wild prints, flashy jewelry, work it. 

Linda Rodin.

While reading through some blogs, I came across a woman that I have developed a HUGE, GIGANTIC, mature, fashion crush on. Her name is Linda Rodin. Do you know her? I am probably late to the party but I just discovered her and all her fantastic-ness. She is 65 and a beauty and fashion guru. She blew me away!

Her taste is BEYOND amazing. As I was browsing her photos I thought to myself "Please let me look dress like that at 65". Girlfriend can work it at 65! I think it's inspiring that she still has a passion for style and gracefully looks her age. Hopefully, I will carry on my love of style and turn heads with my attire as I walk down the street with my cane, dog, and cute, little, wrinkly, husband by my side. Get it girl!

Happy Friday!



Kendra Gille said...

oh my. i love her. she is beautiful!

Haley said...

I love that woman's hair. The color is fabulous. It would be a shame not to wear it all natural!