Monday on a Tuesday

Hey there, team. Sorry I missed Monday, totally my bad. We got home and have just been completely wiped out, you know how traveling with a toddler and dog goes.

Worst news ever, my camera is broken. I don't know whats going on with it but even thinking about it breaks my heart. You will notice that I have very few pictures and they are all of Chad. I would have taken so many of everyone we were with but it didn't happen. Really makes me sad. Lets not talk about it. Moving on.

One of the main reasons I didn't take any pics of myself is because my skin has lost it's mind. I am dead serious, I have such bad acne, I don't know what to do. I have been stressed and have had some gloomy days so I am wondering if that has to do with it. Seriously though, it's ridiculous.

Chad's Birthday was on Saturday! My handsome honey is now 28. I can't believe it. I still feel like we are in our early 20's but we have officially moved on to our late 20's.

Chad ready to blow out his candles. Happy 28!

Bear Lake was wonderful. Although, being gone for an entire week does allow time for emotions to rise. You know, you just have a hard day where you have had too much fun and get kind of crabby. I think everyone experienced it while we were there but all in all, it was a great time filled with delightful memories.

Chad and his wonderful Mama on the boat.

Geddy did ok on the boat. The first time we went on it, he had a meltdown like I have NEVER seen. I thought he was in some kind of pain so I took his swim shorts off to see if he was being stung by something, then I thought he was having a panic attack because he was scared of something? Turned out he was exhausted. I started singing "I am a Child of God" in his ear (that's the song I sing to him before I put him down) and he finally relaxed and zonked out. I cannot remember the last time he feel asleep in my arms but he was out cold. It was kind of a tender moment, to be honest, a hard one but tender.

Geddy pre-meltdown. Oh, and Chad has a ponytail now. 

One of my favorite memories that was created was when Chad and I went into Logan to celebrate Chad's birthday, just the two of us. We ended up running a bunch of errands and enjoyed every minute of it. It's funny how enjoyable running errands can be without a toddler yelling at you or running away from you. We also bought a Beyonce CD. That's right, I said it, Beyonce. Totally a guilty pleasure. I will never forget how loud we (Chad included) sang to "Single Ladies", as we drove back to the cabin through the canyon. We are so cool.

Alright, that's all I have to say.

Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

I'm so sorry about your camera! I hope you can get it fixed and not have to replace it. I love Chad's ponytail. It reminds me of Abby's hair, except he doesn't have Abby's rocking mullet in the back. :) I'm glad your back in town. We'll need to catch up.

Laurel West said...

Ha ha were all 28 candles on the cake? It slightly looks like it is on fire...