On Becoming Brave

This post is short and sweet because it's just a little thought that I had.

Since having Geddy, I have become more brave. I remember when he was first born, I never left the house. The thought of trying to keep him happy and not get flustered while out and about, completely overwhelmed me. I am quite the home body and rather private so displaying any trouble wasn't worth it to me. For the longest time, I would wait to grocery shop so that I could go alone because it was too intimidating. Now we go every week, just the two of us.

This last year, with Chad's help, I have gotten much better. Though I still fear a major meltdown while at the grocery store, I take more chances. I prepare the best I can and take the plunge. We have gone on several trips with Geddy and it's getting easier and easier.

Today, we went and got the oil changed and then got the tires rotated on the car (pics are from this event). Just the little guy and I. And ya know what? It went great. Even though it was quite un-toddler friendly, we did it. Was he mad? You know it but we managed to not kill each other :)

And that my friends, is bravery.

Happy Wednesday!


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