Embarrassingly Good News

Remember how my camera broke? And remember how I used to blog super frequently? Well, everyday this passed week I would consider blogging and then remember my broken camera and be so sick with sadness that I couldn't bring myself to blog. Hence the absence.

Why didn't I go get my camera fixed sooner? Well, I had some major anxiety about it, shocking, I know (it's not shocking at all, you see. My brain produces too much worry juice). Chad said he would take the camer into the grumpy camera man a few blocks away from us but with school starting, the wonderful husband that I have literally had not time to go (mainly because the grumpy camera man's shop closes at 6 each day and the spouse's school and work doesn't finish until 7 on a good day).

So, today I put on my brave Mama pants and packed up the boy and went to the grumpy camera man's fix it shop (don't worry, I said multiple prayers on the drive there). Upon arriving, I explained the issues that my camera was having and decided to show him what it was doing. Funny thing, the first time I tried it, the camera worked perfectly. Same with the second and third. I laughed nervously as I looked like a complete moron and handed the camera to him so he could fiddle around with it.

Upon conclusion, my camera is fine. I am not crazy but the camera man said it looks like it was acting normal. He thought maybe it got bumped pretty bad but kind of "reset" itself on it's own.

So, my camera is now working again! I looked like a fool but my prayers were clearly answered.

To celebrate, I took a bunch of random pics of my diapered little dude and lady pup.

Thank you Carter genes for the tan skin and blond hair. 
Yes that is a permanent marker BUT it does have a lid on it. Mom of the year, right here! 
Grumpiest dog ever. 
This face. 

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

Glad you're back and glad the camera fix didn't cost an arm and a leg ... or anything at all. :)