Fall Fashion

At the beginning of each fall, I tend to do a fall fashion post (not really on purpose, it just happens because I get bit by that fall fashion bug). I usually list styles I am looking forward to the most and want to find.

This fall has been funny though, I don't feel like anything has stood out super prominently as far as the most recent fashions go. By that, I mean that I don't really see anything shockingly new. Does that make sense? I feel like a lot of the trends now have been around for a while. But, I will still list a few things that I am wanting to capture this fall anyway. 

One trend that is pretty significant is the Green trend. Wearing lovely shades of green, particularly emerald is all over the place. I feel quite silly but I don't think I have any emerald green in my closet which is complete nonsense, considering my eyes are green. Emerald green could be my color and I had no idea (we will have to see)! I would love to find an awesome sweater or jacket in a beautiful green shade. Another trend that has continued is "Winter Whites" which is basically wearing white after labor day (breaking all the rules, you see). I am not that passionate about that one. I am not against wearing white during the winter time but I tend to lean more towards dark shades, lets be honest. 

I just want those pants. 

Another trend that has been around for a while but that I really want to sport this winter, are beanies. I always get very shy when I wear hats but I always look at them and think "I really love that" on other people. Beanies are awesome because 

"Hello bad hair day, let me smother you with this beanie". 

Am I right?

Plus, a beanie encourages a casual cool style. There are other awesome hats out there that are really lovely, kinda like the Indiana Jones style but I am just not brave enough to sport one at this time. 

Really love this whole outfit, head to toe.
Michelle Williams nailing the simple beanie.
Casual cool.

A Ridiculously Awesome Bag:
I feel like I am kind of stuck in a diaper bag rutt. 

You know the one.

I will be first to admit that I like things to be convenient, clothing included. So the idea of having a diaper bag and a purse is complete nonsense.

Nonsense, I tell you!!

I have a big wallet that I put in my diaper bag but if I am out by myself, I just carry the wallet. It works fine but I am tired of seeing bags that I like and thinking "no, I have a diaper bag instead". 


I am trying to break that lazy thinking! So, I am on the prowl for something fantastic. I would love a large tribal print or super awesome leather bag. I am not even looking for brand names just something good quality, large and kind of rustic looking. One that will wear really well. These ones are soooo dreamy. 

Ascot Friday

Interesting Pants:
My go to pant is easily a skinny jean. Printed or just dark denim or grey, I turn to them all the time. Although I love a classic fit, such as those, I would like to add some different shapes of pants to my wardrobe.

Enter the slouchy pant and the extreme trouser. 

First the slouchy pants. They are basically pajamas which is a total win, in my book. Fit will be key, don't want them too loose or tight. Needs to be worn with baggy yet clingy t-shirt, maybe a cool jacket. Definitely more for a fall outfit, not winter. Cool pattern would be preferred but would also accept a nice grey. 

Didn't really love this style until I saw Sydney from The Daybook sporting them.
She killed it, to say the least
Neat-o pattern!
Urban Outfitters. I really want these ones. In this grey color. Size large. Just FYI. 
Why aren't these on my body right now?!

As for extreme trousers, I am talking wide leg. The ones that would cover a platform really nicely. Being 5'9", I will have to find some that are long enough and would love something high waisted, that really made a statement. My only concern with these is they tend to look best on those with a small waist, which mine isn't the smallest so fit would be crucial.

I actually really like the pleats on these.
Amazing color combo, am I right?

I had this exact same category under my last fall post but we are touching on it again. Booties are huge. They are still everywhere this fall, in all sorts of styles: wegdes, heels, flat, rugged, etc. I bought this pair last year but haven't been terribly thrilled with them. 

I think that the flat styled ankle boots need to be a nicer quality. I would probably splurge a bit on these because they are a style you can wear for a while. I would dare say that booties are more trendy than the classic tall boots but nothing would get me to stop wearing riding boots. 

NOTHING! (yelling with fist shaking in the air). 

Sam Edelman "Petty" bootie. My pick for fall.

Also, I would love a simple, black, wedged bootie to wear to church with tights. They would go with most everything and I could look a little dressier while still getting the coverage I would want with snow. I would actually prefer a NON-platform wedge. Kind of shocking because I usually love to be towering over people. Which is weird...these would be perfect.

That my friends, is my fall wish list. I am still working on a trench (as I wrote about here) but just don't want to spend too much on it but want it to be good quality. Ugh, so torn. 

This post was exhausting, I will have you know. 

Have you thought about your fall wish list? What do you have on it? Do tell!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Please excuse the lack of citing on this post. If any of these images are yours, please notify me and I would love to add your link to the picture. Thanks! 

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Haley said...

I'm so impressed with how you research and wait patiently for the exact item you're waiting to add to your wardrobe. I usually just scramble into the store, find something pseudo appropriate and think, "well, this'll do."