Las Vegas

In front of the Bellagio

Chad and I have been married for 6 years this week (on the 21st, to be exact). We have never really done anything super fancy for our anniversary in the past years, just the usual nice dinner, which is lovely just the same! I specifically wanted to to something special for this one because the past few months have been nuts. I actually set this up as a surprise for Chad but within a week, I spilled the beans because I was too excited. Haha, I am the worst.

Upon arriving in Vegas, we were totally lost. Luckily, I had my phone that had GPS on it which totally saved our butts. Neither Chad nor I have been to Las Vegas as adults, so we were pretty blown away by all the people and lights and terrible smells. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest. We started to figure out where things were and did some shopping (too much shopping, eek). We went to the Urban Outfitters there and the 3 story H&M, which by the way, played their music WAY TOO LOUD. I told Chad that I felt like the world was ending with how loud the beats were. He laughed and said I sounded like my Mother. I am serious, the music gave me wicked anxiety. Oh man, I am such an old person.

When I packed for this trip, I didn't realize exactly how much walking I would be doing. So, I wore these super cute but not broken in flats which led to some gnarly blisters. Which then led to me walking barefoot through Caesars Palace. As I was walking trying to find the Security Desk to get bandaids (which was impossible to find!) I thought "I am going to catch some crazy disease for doing this". It all worked out just the same and I didn't catch any crazy diseases (I don't think).

There was one laughable moment when we were walking past the fountains in front of the Bellagio when blaring Celine Dion started playing as the fountains began. It was unfortunate timing because I was trying to talk to our bank who had thought our debit card was stolen because we were using it in Vegas. Oops, live and learn. I will contact my Bank before taking any trips out of the state in the future. I will say that I was grateful that they were on top of it and were trying to be more safe than sorry. Plus, we got it all figured out.

After shopping and wandering around for hours, we ended our first night by eating at BurGR. You can read the review I did about it, here. After we ate, we were so full and SO ready to go to our hotel room and just relax. The day was wonderful but it did have some highs and lows like, anxiety from all the people and how hot it was and the fact that some guy was singing to me as we walked down the sidewalk. Like, looking me dead in the eye which is my nightmare. There are some major characters in that city. My body ached everywhere. But it was also an awesome day, we shopped and ate amazing food, which happen to be two of my favorite things. Plus I was with my favorite person, lot's of favorites!

First thing I did when I got to the hotel was wash my very dirty feet. What a relief. We also changed our clothes. I told Chad that I thought our clothes would need to be quarantined after walking through the strip. Yikes, they stunk.

In Caesar's Place.

I think it's pretty standard that parents of young children go on vacation and sleep. We ended up going to sleep at 10:30 because we were so tired and woke up at 7am because Geddy has trained us. But it was nice to just snoozy in bed with out the little one. I can't believe how invigorating it felt to get away, even for one short night. Don't get me wrong, we sent texts to those watching our babies (the Pup and Little Dude) daily. I get so nervous being away, am I the only one?

After we woke up too early on Saturday, we slowly got ready for the day. We watched travel shows on PBS while Chad did work outs in the room (I was still laying in bed, of course). We packed up all of our things and checked out. We splurged again (it really got away from us) and went to Cheesecake factory for lunch. It was amazing how different we felt the second day. The shock of the busy strip had kind of melted away and we felt much more confident about where things were and how to get there. I wish we could have stayed longer that second day because I think we were both in a better mind set.

After we ate, we swung by the Nike store (it was HUGE) and got Chad new running shoes that he desperately needed (thanks Warren for the Birthday Gift!). Can I talk about how lucky the employees at this Nike store are? They get to wear work out gear to work. I am serious, they were all wearing hoodies and yoga pants with tennis shoes. After that we went back to St. George to pick up Geddy boy.

Even though I express the overwhelmed feeling that I had being in Vegas (the energy there is exhausting to me) I actually had a terrific time and would love to go back (in like a year). It was so nice just being with Chad and not having to worry about anyone or anything else. It was the best remeinder of how much I like him and why I married such an awesome individual. It was an absolute treat. Thank you for everyone whole helped us make this weekend happen (Glamma, Diana, Aj). We couldn't have done it with out you!

Happy Tuesday! Thank you for the wonderful trip Chad!


P.S. Here are a few pics of some of the Designer Shops that I saw. I was a bit star struck but far too shy to enter any of them!



Haley said...

I'm so glad you guys had the chance to get away. That is so important. What a fun weekend! Love your blue eyes in that last picture of you and Chad. You're gorgeous.

Chad de Lisle said...

Thank you for the compliment, Haley. I AM gorgeous. ;)