Lagoon Day

Every year, Chad's Dad's work hosts a family day at Lagoon. We have gone every year but this time, we brought Geddy along which I was quite nervous about. In all reality, I didn't need to be worried at all because he did really great.

It probably didn't help that I ate caramel corn for breakfast. It was just one of those days where I didn't get enough sleep and was so dang weepy. Do you ever have days like that? Where the smallest thing can set you off in tears? I have been that way this entire weekend. Man, someone send me a chill pill. 

Warren was so wonderful and watched Geddy most the time so Chad and I could get a couple of rides on the big roller coasters. I really love roller coasters. They are exciting and remind me of being little. 

Samurai Hil
Samurai Chad. Look at his face and top knot. Kills me. 
Samurai Geddy. Cutest Little Dude. 

We were able to take Geddy on the Carousel which he loved. The little dude loved seeing all the animals, particularly the lion and tiger which he would growl at every time he saw them. As the ride was going, he kept saying "mo, mo" with the sign for more because he didn't want it to stop. He was so cute. There was so much to see that he forgot just how exhausted he was. 

Growling at the Lion on the Carousel.

Of course, we sprung for lunch while we were there. Corn dogs, fries and a giant coke to share. There is something about carnival food that does good for the soul.  

After lunch, Chad was feeling really under the weather (he has had a nasty head cold) so we decided to head home and Geddy fell asleep in the car. He only sleeps in the car when I really don't want him to. It's terribly naughty.

The de Lisle men. 

We had a great day, it all turned out so well. All my concerns and worries ended up being nothing. 

The Lagoon group. I look oddly short here. Not usually a problem that I have. 

Thanks for the great day Warren!

Happy Monday,


P.S. This picture of Geddy under his blanket fort was just too cute to pass up.

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Haley said...

I love lagoon! What a great way to spend a fall day with your family. You worry too much Hilary ... says the woman with the ulcer. :)