Hey team! I am back. No real reason for my absence. Just been focusing on my little dude and enjoying day to day life. Here is a quick update!

Saw this at Barnes and Noble. Too cute. 

Reading: Loads of kids books with Geddy. He really loves reading, I catch him all the time flipping through his books yelling, as if he was reading the words (not in a normal tone but a shout). The other day, I was taking a very quick shower while he was watching Signing Time (I made sure he was safe) and as I was washing my face with my eyes closed, I hear him saying "Mo, mo, mo" (more) in the sweetest voice ever. Turns out he had opened the shower curtain and was trying to hand me one of his favorite books. Like, completely in the shower, I'm pretty sure the pages were wet. Startled, I excitedly ask him to go find his signing time and he turns around and runs out.

Watching: Oddly enough, I started watching Felicity. That's right, the show from the 90's with the chick who has frizzy hair (which she eventually cuts and it's so so so bad). The show that I always thought was too wild as a 12 year old. Well, I am only 3 episodes in and it's so odd that I can't turn away. There is a major My So Called Life feel but not quite as good. The main character actually drives me crazy, she is so desperate and foolish. It's like "he is really just not into you, get over it girlfriend!" but her silly antics keep me enthralled (with a disapproving face of course, she really needs to stop being so dramatic).

Thinking About:  This cool weather! Fall is here and I welcome it with open arms! We have been trying to bundle up but it's almost like I forgot how. I will quickly relearn, I know it. I have also been thinking about the new clothes that Geddy needs for winter. We all know that I am loving making that list. Nervous about seeing our family pictures. We haven't seen a sneak peak or anything because our photographer has been so busy. Both Chad and I feel really nervous this time around. I hope they are nice.

Eating:  I am eating black licorice as we speak and it is delightful. Black licorice reminds me a great deal of Fall and Halloween time. I adore it. Chad, however, does not. He requests that I refrain from any kisses or cuddles as I eat the potent treat. Understood.

Loving: We already understand that I love Fall, so that's the first thing. Next, watching Geddy communicate. His vocabulary has exploded. He knows all sorts of words. Car, ball, doll, apple, socks, shoes, fish etc. He has started signing a lot more and the words follow shortly behind. The other night, as Chad was putting him down for bed, I was saying goodnight to him. I said "Goodnight Geddy, I love you" and he responded with "Wuv you, Mama". Chad and I were shocked, completely. He said it as clear as day. I think he said it as a last effort to stay up but regardless, he sait it. And my heart burst with love. He hasn't said it since but who cares! I really love this age. He does't have tantrums and can be stubborn but he has the best personality, I could eat him up.

Also, we have started to play DND more regularly and it has been an absolute treat. It feels good to play consistently and just hang out with wonderful friends. It's a grand ol' time.

That's my life lately.

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

I remember Felicity! I distinctly remember her wearing such large sweaters all the time. Was that the style? Large, afgan-like sweaters?