Like A Thief in the Night

***I wrote this blog post Friday afternoon but forgot to post it. So, I am posting it now with a little update at the bottom.

One of last year's pics.

I am currently sitting on my couch next to three outfits. One for a Mama, one for a Papa, and one for a Little Dude. I scheduled our family pictures about 2 months ago, figuring it would give me plenty of time to organize things, like I enjoy doing. But the last 2 months have been complete chaos. I keep looking at the 3 outfits together and saying "I guess that works". Haha.

My original goal with our attire for the photos was to represent where we are in our lives and what we are like currently. I wanted them to be comfortable and natural and authentic. Not too cookie cutter. Last year, I was very focused on looking "put together" and although I loved how they turned out, I don't feel as if they were terrible authentic. Make sense? Again, that was my original goal but I didn't have a ton of focus on them this time. I seriously feel like our date for the pictures snuck up on us like a thief in the night.

I just barely finished adding a slip to the dress that I am wearing just last night. Yeah, I am talking like 8:00pm which is seriously procrastinating. I have flip flopped 4 or 5 times on what I was going to wear then finally settling on the first dress that I committed to. And my hair and makeup? I haven't really even experimented with them yet. It's gonna be the kind of thing where I pray that it looks decent because I am getting my picture taken. Also, I wanted to paint my nails but it just never happened. I ran out of time!

Chad has offered the idea of rescheduling but I am at the point where if we don't do them today, we will never do them because I've been kind of worn out by the thought of them. This is all sounding very dramatic, I realize that it's not that big of a deal but it's the kind of thing where I can't think of anything else until they are done.

So, here is to this afternoon at 4:30! I hope that my little dude naps, like he is supposed to so we don't have meltdowns as we are trying to look super happy for our photos. I also hope we look put together but ultimately, this is suppose to document where we are in our lives not that we're perfect, right?

Happy Friday!


Update: Well, Geddy never napped that day. It was truly my nightmare. Of all days to fight naps, he chose a pretty nasty one. On the way to the location, he fell asleep in the car. Here is the thing, when you wake Geddy up before he is ready, it's scary. He awakes incredibly upset, there is wailing and kicking and confusion and screaming. Even if it's a gentle, slow, awakening he has a really hard time (bless his heart).

Luckily, I had fruit snacks and chocolate chips in my bag. The photos went pretty well, he tolerated a little bit of it but was more interested in wandering through the field. He was still charming enough to get some good shots (at least the photographer said she did, we haven't seen them yet). Chad and I both feel a little nervous about how they turned out. We were rushed out the door to start because we were running late. And it's just straight up tricky trying to look pretty while wrangling a toddler who just woke up from an unexpected nap. Haha, oh well, at least they will be candid?

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Haley said...

Well it looks like Geddy single handedly made sure your pictures were candid. Ha ha. What a trickster! Seriously though, judging by last year's photos, your photographer could make a runny nose look beautiful. I'm sure they'll turn out lovely!