Ask the Right Questions


So, social situations can be stellar for me or incredibly horrific. Meaning I can make things sooooo awkward sometimes. I am also quite shy and nervous although I hide it pretty well (haha, most the time).

Anyway, I tend to ask people questions. Questions like "where are your parents from?", "are you close with your siblings", "do you get along with your mom", and so forth.  People have actually pointed it out but I find I really get to know them best when I ask them questions. Often times, I feel like it helps get the attention off myself as well, which I find relieving.

More often than not, I think people want to get to know each other better but just don't take the step to ask. Or maybe they just aren't interested?

So, are you a question asker? Are there things that you would like to know about me but you are too nervous to ask?

Happy Tuesday!



Jonathan Ames said...

If you were in the x men who would you be? Zach and I have an idea already, but just curious.

Jonathan Ames said...

Also, I hope the frivolity of the question above doesn't demean your part.

Haley said...

Good questions make for good conversation. It's like you've got an Oprah inside of you. :)