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After a more emotionally charged post, let's talk about something frivolous, shall we?

I used to be a drastic hair changer. I would go from long brown hair to short platinum pixie, then to bright red bob. It was so fun but then I kinda got tired of all that. Plus, I hate doing my hair so I am currently doing the homeless wavy look because it's SO DANG EASY. Speaking of which, I found this great Sea Salt Spray. I was considering taking the plunge and buying the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray but it was like $20 and that seemed pretty steep. So, I went to good ol' Target and found this stuff for about $11 (I think it was on sale at the time) and have been incredibly happy with it. I put it in my hair when it's damp (I usually let my hair air dry because it's wavier that way) and it adds texture and maintains a little wave. It's a decent product. I just use a little bit and it does what I want it to. It's the only product I used in my hair in our family pics so if you like how it looked there, that's how I did it.

I think most girls who have had bangs have an equal love/hate relationship with them. They are awesome when they are cooperating but can be a nightmare 75% of the time. Then there is the growing out process which is truly distasteful. Anyway, about a week or two ago, I nearly cut bangs in my hair. Not by myself but considered having them cut by my stylist. It was a moment where I got a crazy look in my eye as I was looking at fringes on Pinterest. It was a dangerous thing. I didn't end up cutting them but the idea does seem spontaneous and fun (until I think about how annoying they can be to manage). Here are the pics that I came across that made me want to take the leap.

I love the color of this cut as well. 

Then, I have been fantasizing about getting another pixie cut and dying it that grey/white color. You know the super trendy one? Ohhhh, it would be so fun. Chad would love it if I had pixie hair again, he really likes it that way. That's how I had it when we met. But again, I think about the growing put process and how long it took me to get my hair as long as it is now and I come back to reality. **Sigh** First world problems.

I love how short the side is on that one side. Tres cool.

If you could cut your hair in any way, what would it be?

Happy Friday!


**All pictures found on Pinterest.

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Haley said...

If I had the guts, I would cut my hair like Anne Hathaways (post-Les Mis). I love that it's super dark and short.