Shelves and Things

Hey readers! I decided, unofficially, to take last week off of blogging. It wasn't on purpose it just slipped passed me without me noticing. I have kicked caffeine (yet again) and enjoyed my week with our Little Dude. It really was a great week. My anxiety has been better (thank you SO much for the outpouring of love in regards to that, by the way. Totally helped me) and things are great.

Geddy looks something of a homeless man today. A mismatched outfit and snotty nose. But man is he in good spirits. I feel so lucky. He is currently jumping in his crib instead of napping which is totally naughty. He is struggling to fall asleep because his room is lighter now than it used to be. 

Why is his room lighter now? 

Well, I am a creepy parent who put tinfoil in his window so it would be pitch black because it helped him sleep so well. But with winter here now, we will need to utilize every square inch of this place and it's hard to want to play in his room without the natural light. So, today, I manned up and pulled down the tin foil (I bet our neighbors thought it was a meth lab, but it wasn't!) and enjoyed the natural light in his room. 

ANYWAY....since Aj left on his mission, we have been trying to spruce up our apartment a bit. Did I mention that Aj was staying with us for a few weeks before he left? Well he was. It was complete chaos for everyone but also a hidden blessing because we got to see him so much before he left. We've all felt a little out of sorts with him gone. Even Bobbie wandered around looking for him for the first several days (that dog has the softest spot for Aj, holy cow). 

Part of our "renovation" was adding shelves in the living room and Geddy's room. We are book hoarders. Like, it's a problem. With both of us being English majors (I never finished school but that was my major), we really like the feel, smell, look, and presence of actual books on our shelves which means that we have accumulated a lot of them over time. Now we also have Geddy to buy books for (with help from Grandmas and Great Grandmas, who are so generous!) so he is starting to have quite the collection himself. 

I had been seeing these amazing shelves or "book ledges" in different nurseries online and I thought "that is genius, I want, where do I get them?" So the hunt began. To be honest, I had the toughest time finding them because I didn't really know what they were called. I finally saw that someone called them a "ledge" and I searched using that and found a lot more options. It is a tiny little shelf that has a lip at the front so you can display books on them. We added 3 to Geddy's room and are obsessed with how they turned out. 

We found ours at Ikea for only $14.99 each. They were perfect length for our wall and we couldn't be happier. They were super easy to install (we did have to use our own screws though).

When we installed them, we wanted some of them to be accessible to Geddy. So he could still go and pick one out for himself and look through it. That's why we started them so low to the ground. This may have been a huge mistake because he loves them and pulls everything off that he can reach. Oh well, I figure that he will get tired of them eventually and stop doing that...hopefully.

My next project is to do something about Geddy's toys. They are all currently shoved into a corner and driving me nuts. I am looking to get a nice wooden chest to put them in. I cannot wait to resolve this issue because nothing seems tidy with the way that they currently are!

Happy Monday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I'm just proud that the ledges are level.

Haley said...

I love those book shelves. I'm sure they're so appealing to kids, too. I've always liked the ledges because they double as a bookshelf but also a display of pretty things. Do the books fall off really easily? That was always my question when I saw those things.