Things Got a Bit Dusty

Hey all, Hilary here! Sorry for my serious absence. There are several reasons for it. We have been so busy. Not really even me, more Chad but when he is super busy, I feel things as a result. He is taking this insane French class and kicking butt but man, it's been a real growing experience. Also, I haven't had much to say. We are in a real routine with things which is nice but it also makes blogging kind of boring because we're not doing anything extraordinarily exciting.

I call this one "EMO Selfie". Too bad, I got ready that day so it needed to be documented.

Lastly, still combating some rough anxiety days. Some days are great days. I feel strong, courageous, like I can take on the world! Other days I feel...kinda weak. Like I am weak against my worrying.

But I am growing.

I am learning so much about myself.

And sometimes it's...hard.

But I am becoming the person God wants me to be. And that is okay. That is worth it. Think of some kind of butterfly analogy here.

Any who. I would like to talk about a few things that I have been into recently. I have been eating grapes LIKE CRAZY. Are they super in season or something because I have never enjoyed the tiny fruit so much. Best part, they make me feel good. To quote Liz Lemon from 30 Rock "Is anyone else BM-ing (bowel movement) like a rock star?" Was that TMI? Too bad. That whole problem is a result of having a child. I have never been the same. Hahahaha...k, I'll stop now.

Also, I dropped Felicity like it was hot and jumped to Freaks and Geeks. Leaps and BOUNDS better people. That Felicity character was frustrating, I tell you what! Finished Freaks and Geeks and my heart hurt because it ended. It happens every time. The show will forever have a special place in my heart. Right next to Buffy.

I had to go to my Allergy Specialist (I have allergies and asthma, they call me ol' wheezy...not really) this week. I LOATHE those appointments. I mean, so much so, that I waited until I only had one more puff in my inhaler before I made an appointment because I am not a fan of the Doctor (Chad was so cross that I waited so long, he worries). I am grateful for this Doctor's knowledge but his rough exterior is not appreciated. I try and be really pleasant and likable but he does not reciprocate. I would rather get a pap smear, for reals. Though I was dreading, truly dreading it, the appointment went incredibly well.  And I even got the Doc to smile a bit. Bonus.

Also (let's see how many times I can say Also, this should be fun). We have been delving into Doctor Who super hard (we are in season 3 of the new ones). And it's been mind-blowingly amazingnicity. That's right, I said amazingnicity and for good reason. The show is STELLAR. It's a program that Chad and I watch together. See, I watch a show on my own and then Chad and I have a show we watch together. We actually keep up on a few at a time. We have been flirting with the idea of starting X-Files again which makes me excitedly twitch. I have seriously considered naming my next son Fox. DEAD SERIOUS. No, really. I'm not joking. ANYWAY, back to Doctor Who. We have known for years that we needed to watch the show because...well I don't know, just because. And it has not disappointed!

Next up, music! Chad's French teacher introduced the students to the band Yelle (french band). Chad heard a song and knew that it would be right down my alley and IT WAS. Since then, we own two CD's and it's been so delightful. Straight up techno, foreign language (I have NO clue what they are saying but the beat keeps me entrapped), I feel so European listening to it. Like, I should have a quirky haircut like Amelie and ride a bike everywhere in eclectic sweaters (I think I just described a good portion of females living in Portland...jokes). Anyway, it's incredible and Chad translates as much of the lyrics as he can. Lot's about love and breakups, ya know, the important stuff (cue dramatic eye roll). Still so good though.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening or reading the conference talks from the last conference (again and again). Weren't they power house? I feel like yelling "Preach!!!!" as I listen to them. Inspiring, uplifting, courage stirring, goodness. So so so good. They have been a real refocus during this bout of anxiety. It's my way of "unplugging and refocusing". If you need a good pick me up, check them out.

Handsome son of a gun all ready for church.

In other news, Chad got a haircut. I know that his ponytail caused quite the huffle for some of you. Well, he didn't cut it for you. Hahaha. He actually cut it because of the guidelines at BYU, he wanted to follow the rules. So, he cut it. But, he loved it and we may see it again when the time is right. So buckle up!

Geddy continues to explode with personality. He does so many adorable things. He sings and pretends to read books. His new thing is saying "1 more" in a little whisper when he wants you to keep reading or playing with him. As he says it he holds one tiny finger up to his face. Whenever I try to put him down for a nap, he always plays with my face. He has started pointing out my nose and say "No" in this amazing nasally voice. Then he plays with both my ears at the same time. All while giggling contagiously. They are his last efforts to avoid a nap and they almost work! He has done a lot better in nursery. At least last Sunday. I feel like I need to do a big post all about him but I was wanting to wait until his Birthday in January but I may just be too obsessed with him to wait. Haha, such a Mom-ism.

Imagine cat hissing sound with this one. He was watching his show under the blanket. His
favorite thing to do.

Life is good. Even during my darker days, it's still a beautiful time to be alive. I have an amazing little family and am truly so blessed. I don't say this to brag, I say it to remind myself that there is hope and light, even in the darkest times. And I am okay, it's good for me to express my good and bad times. This blog is like a journal for my family but evenmore so, me. I do better when I write and express myself.

So, I just did.

And to everyone who reads this. THANK YOU. You provide more strength to me than you may realize.

A brisk walk up the canyon with my lady pup.

Happy (late) Thursday!


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Haley said...

Thank you for the lovely dose of Hilary. You can only get a funky European haircut if you also wear a head to toe cheetah jumpsuit. Also, not everyone can rock the bright red lips but girl you CAN! You look so va va voom. I love your optimism and faith even in the midst of difficult spells. I admire that and gain strength from that. You're the bomb!