An Early Thanksgiving

This last weekend, Chad and I headed down to St. George with our pup and little dude. We had the best time. We literally just ate yummy food and watch HGTV most of the time. Chad and I are big "relaxers", we find it very important to take time to just STOP and "veg" for a bit. With Chad's life being SO busy right now, we intentionally planned a big relaxing weekend where we could get out of Provo for a bit. Thank you Diana for letting us use your beautiful home!!! We also went on big walks and played at the playground with Geddy, it was just what we all needed. Of course, I forgot my camera and didn't take a single photo. Go me!

We came home Saturday and then on Sunday we had our de Lisle Thanksgiving. We decided to do it earlier because everyone has such busy schedules but it did NOT disappoint. Glenna made an incredible turkey, it was out of this world. Of course we had the traditional potatoes, candied yams, and stuffing. I really love Thanksgiving food, I am a meat and potatoes girl, through and through. Thank you for the delicious food, Glenna!

Chad and Warren.
Jordy and Kate.
This boy...too funny.

The spread. And that is Root Beer, don't be alarmed.

For dessert, I brought frozen cream puffs and mini eclairs (I was too tired to bake after our trip so they were just store bought). My sister-in-law, Kate, made the most AMAZING Apple pie. It was unlike any apple pie I have ever had. Instead of going with the traditional "apple cinnamon"  flavor combo, she did "apple lemon" and it may be one of my favorite pies EVER. It was delicious and the crust was as flaky as ever! Which is saying something because my Mom is one of the best pie makers I know, it was amazing Kate!!!

Kate's RIDICULOUSLY delicious Apple Pie. It was unreal. Yum!
Geddy and his Uncle Jordy.

Chad and I! I am incredibly grateful for my Best Friend Forever.

We relaxed and watched football. It was just a wonderful day. I love Thanksgiving. Not only because of the food but I have a WHOLE LOT to be thankful for. And I feel so lucky that I get to celebrate it twice!

I loved this picture.
Look at Geddy's sassy face. I'm obsessed.

Happy Monday!


P.S. Remember when I was a creepy parent and put tin foil up in Geddy's window because it helped him sleep (because it was so dark). And then when I took it down because I felt like a weirdo. Well, this last weekend, I became a creepy parent AGAIN and put tin foil up in his window because he wasn't napping. Like, AT ALL. Now, he naps like a champ again. I understand that our little dude needs a room to be super dark and when it is, he sleeps beautifully. Yay to being creeping!

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Haley said...

Hooray for an early Thanksgiving! It looks like a yummy feast and I'm so glad you got to share it with family. I love your cardigan sweater. And I love Geddy. He just kills me. Oh and lastly, yippee that he's napping again! Sanity returns.