Give Thanks

Today it is Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite Holidays. Not only because it satisfies my love affair with food but it's a time to really focus on what we're grateful for.

As I mentioned here, I started a gratitude journal just a little while ago. I can't tell you how much it has helped me. It doesn't change the things that are hard but it forces you to focus on the positive which, I think, everyone could do more of.

So on this day of Gratitude, I am thankful for many things. I'm gonna get mushy so be prepared. To keep it simple though, I will list 5:

1. My spouse, partner in crime, best friend, Chad. Our family has had a rough year, really rough but he has always been by my side making me laugh and telling me over and over again "everything will be fine". He knows me better than anyone and I think we are well suited for each other. He is my best friend, after all. I couldn't be more blessed.

2. Our tiny wonder and little dude, Geddy. I think back to Geddy's day of birth and remember the fact that he almost didn't make it. Really, he wasn't breathing for the first 4 minutes of his life and they had to work real hard to get him back on track but, by golly, he was saved. I can't thank the Lord enough for that. Geddy is molding me into the Mother and Woman that I want/need to be. He makes me so, unbelievably, happy.

3. Our lady pup, Bobbie. She is an interesting creature with more personality than any dog I have ever met. She is fiercely loyal and just wants to be close to her humans. That's all she has ever asked for. She has been with us through the thick and thin and she is a member of the family.

4. Our little apartment. I think there is a lot of pressure from internet blogging and Pinterest to live up to a certain standard. I find a lot of people think "why don't they move into a house already?" and I have had short moments where I have felt the pressure. But honestly, I am grateful for this little 2 bedroom apartment, whose bathroom ceiling fan is broken and has a vomit yellow stove from the 70's. It's kept us warm on cold nights and allowed us to make it our own for the 3 years of living here. I am totally okay living in this place (although I wouldn't turn down a washer and dryer, ha). I'm grateful to call it home.

5. Family, friends, and readers.

  • Family: I am grateful for our families. Though our families could not be more different, they both offer so many wonderful things. I think Chad and I are better parents because we came from two different families. I'm grateful for what being the youngest of 8 taught me. I'm thankful for both sets of parents and the different talents each of them hold and for all of my siblings, both in-law or blood related. I have a lot of family, ha!
  • Friends: I wouldn't say that I am someone who has tons of friends. I'm quite shy and get nervous in social situations so those who are my friends, I hold dear. I'm thankful for "the guys" who let me come play DND with them (it was a big deal) and for them (maybe begrudgingly) allowing me to marry their Dungeon Master. I don't think they know how grateful I am for their friendship but they truly feel like brothers to me. And for my girlfriends. I still get to see those ladies a few times a year and every time I do, my heart kind of bursts with joy. They are all great girls (women now!) and I am glad they stuck with me (more like tolerated me) through those high school years.
  • Readers: I am really thankful for anyone who reads this silly old blog. This has been the best creative outlet for me. I have grown and learned a lot about myself through this space and I am forever grateful for anyone who reads my thoughts. It's nice to know that you're being heard sometimes (or read).

My list doesn't stop there but I won't write anymore. 

Go eat delicious food and think about how grateful you are.

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. I have one more thing that I want to list! I am SO grateful for my new asthma meds! Remember how I complained about going to my Allergy Specialist here? Well, the medication he got me on has been working wonders. My asthma is the best it's been in years. SO grateful. 

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Chad de Lisle said...

I'm so grateful for you hil, and for your sweet blog. It's truly a miracle that we'll be able to look back on our lives together and have it so neatly documented by your consistent postings. I love you!