This year we were slightly more fun than last year (I believe last year consisted of some candy and an early bedtime). We all actually got dressed up (some better than others) and did something festive by going to Chad's Work Halloween. It's basically where they can invite all their families to come and do a fun little parade/walk through of the office. His office goes all out and each department decorates their section with a specific theme. One of them was Star Trek themed, another was Universal Studios, and Chad's department was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So they really decorate their different areas all fancy. Geddy loved it, especially the pirate section.

Chad was assigned to dress up as Raphael (which happens to be his favorite character, FYI). Sadly, we put off making his costume until the morning of. So, yes, that is an Amazon box that he is wearing as a turtle shell. We kind of loved how silly it looked though.

Raphael ready to spring into action. And my stupid shadow. 

Halloween is one of my all time favorite Holidays and I have, sadly, not dressed up at all in the last several years. Though I had no intention of wearing a costume, I threw a little something together because I knew both my dudes were dressing up. Welcome the Native American costume. I knew I had a sweater that was kind of a tribal print and then some moccasins (not pictured) so, I made a quick head band with a few feathers and voila. I considered myself dressed up. And honestly, it did make the day more fun. I'm gonna try really, really, really, hard to do a little costume every year.

Then there was was Geddy's costume. Originally, our little dude was going to wear an adorable Bear costume that his Glamma got him. It was so charming but he refused and I mean REFUSED to wear it (screaming, yelling and gnashing of teeth). So, this morning, I threw together his Lumberjack costume. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Every item that he was wearing we already owned so I didn't have to buy a thing. Then, I used an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner for his mustache (which was hilarious trying to get it on him, I intended to do a full beard but that was never gonna happen) and made his little axe out of card board that we had laying around.

He looks so grown up.
A bit more of a close up on his stache.

After we came home, we ate dinner and went on with daily life (except for some extra chocolate treats for all of us). Geddy went down on time and Chad and I had a quiet evening to ourselves. It was a lovely day.

Both my handsome guys on Halloween. 

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

Where do I begin? Chad's costume is soooo ghetto and he totally rocked it! You are so cute in your headband. And Geddy? Oh. my. word. I have half a mind to fly to Utah, snatch him up, and drag his adorable little self back to Iowa. I cannot get enough!