My Favorite Lipsticks

So, this post is pretty "rando". Who blogs about their favorite lipsticks on a personal blog? Well, I do because...just because! I like to pretend like I know what I am talking about, which I don't...

My favorite lipsticks (except the NYX lipgloss is not pictured).

We all know that I am kind of a makeup novice but I know what looks I like and what looks I reach for most often. I am not someone who wears dramatic eyes. I feel too fancy and frankly, uncomfortable, when I do a lot of elaborate eye make up. Not to say I don't appreciate the look on other people. I do love a good cat eye eyeliner. I usually just wear eyeliner and mascara. When I am going out, I like to sport a bright lipstick. Something that makes a statement and is kind of vibrant. Lipstick is definitely what I have the most of in my makeup drawer (which really isn't much).

Something to note: I only own Drugstore makeup, I feel like they do what I need/want them to do. I am sure the higher end products are fabulous but I stick with the cheaper stuff. So, here are my top favorite shades this season. Some are more trendy, others are classic.

Let's get started!

Left to Right: Revlon Black Cherry, L'Oreal Ravishing Red, Unknown, Covergirl Fairytale,
NYX Dolly Pink and Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink.

Above are the swatches of each shade. That way you can see how they actually appear on the skin.

Revlon Black Cherry

Revlon Black Cherry: This is by far the darkest shade that I have in my "collection". It's one of the more trendier looks and one that I wear the least. It definitely makes a statement because it's really dark and vampy. It doesn't apply as dark as it looks in the tube. I have to be really cautious that I don't put too much on or I will look gothic, not really what I am going for. This shade looks awesome on fair skin and light eyes. I feel like it makes my green eyes really pop when I wear it.

L'Oreal Ravishing Red

L'Oreal Ravishing Red: Ravishing Red is a true red. There isn't a lot of orange or purple in it, it's just a classic red (it appears slightly orange in picture but it's not). I feel like it's easy to wear and looks good on a lot of skin tones. I also feel like a classic red is great for any season. You really can't go wrong with it!

Unknown. I really have no clue what this is.

Unknown: I really don't know the brand of this lipstick. I actually found it several years ago in a warehouse. It's a weird story for a different time. I LOVE this shade. It's super bright orangey red shade. I love orange/coral shades, I'm hooked!

Covergirl Fairytale

Covergirl Fairytale: This is the first coral lipstick that I've ever tried and may be my favorite shade EVER. The picture doesn't show how bright it actually is. The formula is nice and smooth and the pigment lasts a long time. I have a kelly green sweater and the combo with this lipstick is killer. I absolutely adore it.

NYX Dolly Pink

NYX Dolly Pink: This is actually a lipgloss, not a lipstick. The pigment is pretty amazing regardless. The color is a nice pink/magenta shade that is really a show stopper. I love NYX products, I feel like they provide good quality for a drugstore price.

Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink

Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink: Dollhouse Pink is a bubblegum pink with purple undertones. I am always drawn to this shade, although it's not the best color on me...at all...ha. This shade looks a lot better if I have a bit of a tan (which, let's be honest, it's never really a tan). I actually have several pink shades because I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for the right one and still haven't found it. My one complaint for this shade is that it's a pretty dry formula and therefore drying on the lips. I have to be cautious what condition my lips are in beforehand because if they're chapped this will not apply well or do anything good for my lips.

A trend that I've never jumped on board with are Nude shades. You know, the ones that almost erase your lips. I have tried them a few times but I just look deathly. On other skin tones, they can look really lovely but I tend to lean away from those. I do however like more subtle pink or peach lipglosses that I can apply when I am on the run. Or a nice shear gloss that just makes one look a bit more "put together". 

There you have it! Now you know my favorite lipglosses because I know you were all DYING to hear. Jokes!

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

I own zero lipstick, zero. We are total opposites. I almost always wear eye shadow but am totally intimidated by lipstick.