Remember that one time...

Remember that one time, when I used to blog consistently? Yeah, that was neat. I just haven't been feeling it lately. And if I'm not feeling it, I don't do it.

But today, I felt like it. So I write.

My face when I see cake.

Things are good. We actually had a great week. Chad's school and work have been hard but not terrible. I have had some anxious moments but have successfully combated them and feel like things are getting (do I dare say it?) better.

This weekend I got to see a few of my longtime girlfriends. It was a super last minute thing but we laughed and talked and had the best time. I ended up coming home 2 hours later than I anticipated. Oops! The time just slipped away, haha. Luckily, Chad had his new Play Station 4 that he was exploring so I could have never come home and he probably wouldn't have noticed. Jokes, of course. There is something so wonderful about seeing people from a different time in your life. It seems like just yesterday we were all fighting with each other and then making up and talking about boys in the halls of Pleasant Grove Highschool. That actually just made me shiver a little bit. Oh Highschool, I'm glad I had awesome friends to make it bearable.

I had a special experience a short while back that encouraged me to start keeping a gratitude journal. It actually helps me when I have a small attack of nerves. It stops me and makes me focus on something positive. And it's been a wonderful crutch. Writing in my little journal hasn't made the anxiety go away but it helps prevent the "spiraling downward" feeling which, I believe, is the trick. Also, memorizing scriptures is a great spiral stopper. Anyone looking for a good verse to memorize, try Isaiah 41: 10, 13 (thank you Haley!).

I write about absolutely anything in my gratitude journal. From the big things, like, Geddy and Chad to the smaller, less noticeable, things like a warm bed and flushing toilet. I wrote about my pup yesterday because she is so loyal without asking for much in return. What a special little spirit that I get to care for. It's like one of Heavenly Father's animal companions and I get to look after her. She tried attacking a garbage truck because it was getting too close to Geddy and I once. That's saying something. She has such spirit and vibrance! It can drive me crazy sometimes but she is still so special.

Today, I am going to write my gratitude entry on my blog because, well, I want to (remember, I do what I want!). While at church today, we had an interesting experience. Geddy has approached a new phase in his life that is a little...diva-esq. Simply, he is approaching the terrible twos and it aggressively "comes out" sometimes. Also, I think his little fang teeth are coming in and he doesn't feel super great.

He just had the hardest time during our Sacrament Meeting. We are usually able to keep him in the room the whole time but today he had to be taken out 3 times because he was so disruptive. The moment that shocked us to laughter was when his pez fell out of his pez dispenser (yes, we're the horrible parents who give him candy to bribe him, so shoot me). He got so upset about it, that he stared Chad dead in the eye while holding his hands in shaking, rage-ful, fists, and started to yell. Not like a normal shout, it was guttural  prehistoric, rage. The yell went from deep and strong to a glass shattering high shrill. It was SO loud!!!!! His face was beet red, he was so cross and wouldn't let us help him.

While chuckling from shock and embarrassment, I swiftly scooped him up and took him out so he could calm down a bit and collect himself (we all need a moment sometimes). Both Chad and I had several people comment about the event afterward but they were all really kind. Today I am grateful for kind, decent, understanding, people. I felt really fortunate that even though there are so few children in our ward, these childless parents were understanding and kind. They laughed with us rather than judged or reprimanded.

It was a good experience, oddly enough. Not to say that I would like that to happen every week but it was humbling for us as parents.

Also, I am SO grateful for nursery. I don't think I can thank those ladies enough for watching Geddy while I attend my other meetings. I need that so badly each week and I am forever grateful for their willingness to be with him.

And that, my friends, is what I am grateful for today (amongst many other things).

Happy Sunday!


P.S. Celine Dion's O Holy Night just came up on my Spotify and I didn't change it! I am listening to Christmas Music before Thanksgiving. That feels like a crime but guess what? I do what I want.

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Haley said...

I am dying over here! What a hilarious antic Geddy pulled. I can totally picture this happening. If it makes you feel any better, yesterday Abby shouted during the sacrament, "NO BREAD! NO WATER! FRUIT SNACKS!!!" Lovely. 2 year olds are craaaaazy.