What Do You Say To a Horse You Just Met?

Chad's Mom lives in a beautiful cabin up Spanish Fork Canyon (at least I think it's Spanish Fork Canyon). It truly is a beautiful area and her neighbors have 2 horses so, we took Geddy down to say hello because he had never met a horse before!

To say that he loved it would be an understatement. He kept pointing and saying "Horsie" and doing the sign for horse over and over again. There was definitely a tantrum when we pulled him away after about 20 minutes. It was getting cold and late so it had to come to an end. Our lady pup barked from the deck nearly the entire time. Funny girl. 

This pictures suggests that I am mildly pregnant but I'm not, don't get excited.
I just have a tummy pooch but guess what, that's reality! Huzzah!

Horses are awesome. I have always been an animal lover but am, sadly, crazy allergic to horses. Otherwise, we would probably adopt some someday. Oh well, I can't have all the animals, I guess :(

I really, really, really, loved how these pictures turned out. It was perfectly overcast (which is my favorite weather) and we were in the mountains. I will cherish these pictures of my giddy little Geddy forever. 

We wanted to stand on that rock the entire time. Just close enough to feel close :)

Happy Tuesday!


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