Birthday Hangover

I actually put on makeup on my Birthday so it needed to be documented. 

I had the best day yesterday. So many people contacted me and said nice things to me and I just felt very loved. Chad gave me surprise flowers and candy and another little Hobbit Lego set and took me to Cheesecake Factory where I stuffed my face silly. It was just a great Birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful words you gave on my Birthday! I felt so special.

Handsome Spouse.

Because of all the wonderfulness yesterday, I woke up with a bit of a Birthday Hangover and some gloomies (simply because it was no longer my Birthday). Chad lovingly told me not to be sad because "It's Birthday 'Leave'! The day after your Birthday and it's just as special!" I married a wonderful man, our kids are going to have such a fun life because of him.

So, to avoid the gloomies, let's talk about what I got for my Birthday. Do you care? Maybe not but that's ok.


At the beginning of December my wallet broke. It was a wallet that I bought in the Jr. Section at Nordstrom about 9 years ago for like $15 and it was my FAVORITE. It was a Hobo Lauren wallet look alike and I was attached to it, to say the least. It held everything that I needed and made it easy to transfer from diaper back to a purse if I wanted. But one of the clasps broke (although Chad offered to weld it...he has no clue how to do that) leaving the wallet only half useful. I had been looking around for one that was the same style but not the high price Hobo one but with no success. After searching, for what seemed like forever, I finally found Hobo Lauren wallets on Amazon. These wallets usually run about $130 but I found one that I loved for $69! Say what?! (Here is the link for the wallets, a few are still on super sale!)

The two side clasp sections are my favorite. I can put so much stuff in those. 

I talked it over with Chad and he was happy to get me the Hobo for my Birthday. So, I got it and am SO pleased with it. And for that price! What?! Amazing.

I've wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer since I got married which was over 6 years ago. This year, Chad insisted on getting one for my Birthday. I originally wanted the really pretty Mint colored one but after thinking about (too much), I decided to go with white. Reason being, I wanted a classic color because I will probably (hopefully) have it for many years and was worried that down the line, I wouldn't love the mint color anymore. It may be less fun but I am happy with the practicality of it.

Plus, I got my mixer for nearly $100 off on Newegg.com. Bless Christmass sales, am I right?

Again, I am so grateful for the wonderful Birthday that I had. I got spoiled rotten and felt so loved. Thank you all for the love and thanks Chad for making me feel like a Queen!

Happy Wednesday (and Birthday Leave!)!



Haley said...

Oh the cheesecake factory ... how I miss it's decadence! I'm glad you had a great birthday. I love your new wallet/clutch/thingy. It's super cute and now I'm too embarrassed to show you the shopko treasure that I carry around in my purse. :) Enjoy that kitchenaid! I use mine every day (at least once).

Chad de Lisle said...

...i coulda welded it...