Christmas Eve 2013

We long anticipated Christmas and then, just like that, it was done and over with. We had a lovely two days though. Very busy but truly lovely. And Christmas is a time for family and friends and the Savior's Birth. It's a good season, am I right?

We started off on Christmas Eve by doing both an Olson and de Lisle event. We went to the Olson's for dinner. It was wonderful seeing everyone, it was especially nice because my Brother Jared and his wife Sirisha and son Jaiden were in town! What a treat! We stuffed ourselves silly and just enjoyed the chaos of all the wonderful children. (I only posted a few from each event, otherwise I would have waaaaay too many pictures. If family would like more of the photos I took, I can email them to you!)

Sirisha and Jaiden!
Elizabeth, Holly and Heidi
Katie, Kinley and Ashley
Eli and Thomas
Chad and Geddy...and an apple, of course.
December 24th is my wonderful Mother-in-law's Birthday so it makes that day extra special! We went to her Cabin and spent time with her and did gifts and Hamburger soup (per tradition) and cake. I made her cake this year! She loves carrot cake so I tried making one for the first time. I was extremely nervous that it wouldn't turn out, as does anyone when they are trying a new recipe. But it turned out quite good, success! The boys also played "throw the snowball into the far away garbage can" on the back deck. Hence all the throwing pictures.

Chad throwing a snowball.
Geddy trying to throw a snowball like the big boys.
The gorgeous view from Glenna's back deck. 
My "rustic" looking carrot cake.
"Winning" at Rubik's Cube. Jordy was teaching Chad.
The boy's (minus Aj :( ) with the Birthday Girl!

Geddy had been showing some signs of a cold this last weekend and sadly, I caught the cold on Christmas Eve and carried on through today. What is it with me getting sick on Holidays? I think it's because I get stressed and don't sleep very well and have too much fun. Chad woke up with it this morning too, bah humbug.

We were really grateful to have been so busy with wonderful activities. I am so grateful for both our families!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday as well!

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

Your cake looks beautiful, Hil! And I had to laugh at Chad and his brothers trying to throw snowballs in a garbage can. That is totally something Ty and his brothers would do over and over. Thanks for all of the Olson family pictures! I love to see these kids (and adults)!