Christmas Morn 2013

We slept at Chad's Mom's Cabin on Christmas Eve. As I mentioned before, I caught a nasty head cold on Christmas Eve so I was not feeling well, at all. We woke up with Geddy at about 8:30 am. We then sent Geddy in to wake up Glamma (we make Geddy do the dirty work).

That morning it was just Me, Chad, Geddy, Glamma and Grumpa. It was quiet and intimate and Geddy got all the attention. He absolutely loved opening up his presents. He got the horse from Toy Story which neighs (you should have heard him squeal with delight!) and a big car that makes sounds and flashes lights from Glamma. He also got a bunch of awesome Hot Wheels from Grumpa and some track that we can put together for the little cars. He was truly so spoiled. We are so grateful!

My two handsome boys.


We got to talk to Aj in Uganda (he is serving his mission there) which was bittersweet. Talking to missionaries on the phone is always hard, I think. You are happy to hear from them but when it's over, it feels all very lonesome. I don't know, I have mixed feelings about those phone calls. I mean, I wouldn't miss it for the world but they stir up so many emotions.

I didn't take many pics because I felt so terrible but I got one or two. After presents and talking to Aj, we ate breakfast while Geddy napped (it was a long morning, we ate at about noon) and just lounged around and chatted while Geddy slept. At about 3, we packed up and headed home. It was right on time, I was starting to get really fussy because I was unshowered and not feeling well (also, I am a big home body so I was ready to get back). We got home and just relaxed. We even had our own gifts that we hadn't opened yet. We were so tired and exhausted that we didn't open them until Friday! Haha! **Note to self, open personal presents on Christmas Eve because you will be too worn out on Christmas Day. 

Chad and I got Geddy his first Brio Train set. We wanted the Brio brand because that is the kind that Chad's Grams and Gramps de Lisle got him and his brothers for Christmas each year growing up. So they have a HUGE collection of Brio Train sets. It's neat. We also got him the litte Fruit Cutting toy by Melissa and Doug. You know the one I am talking about? Well, he hasn't mastered the cutting part yet and just rips them apart instead, in true little dude form.

His favorite gift out of all the gifts would definitely have to be the little tee pee Chad and I got him. Geddy has loved making little forts or hiding under blankets for the longest time. He also loves to go in his room with all the lights off and a flashlight and just explore. I had seen all the really fancy tee pees that are out there now. Though they are gorgeous, I couldn't bring myself to pay $100+ for one just yet. So, I found one at Target for a quarter of the price and Geddy has been in HEAVEN.

My bestest little dude!

We set it up in his room initially and turned off all the lights. Then we turned on the fun little hanging light that it came with and let him in the room (it just has glowing starts on it). He lost it! He was squealing and giggling and loved the cool light and got his flashlight and played in it for the rest of the day. It was the best gift we could have gotten him. Even a few days later, he still uses it. He will grab books and read them in there or take his cars in with him. He especially loves to watch the iPad in there. It's his own little space and it's perfect for his age and size. Success! (Take note that it's WAY too big for our apartment and totally in the way. We can't even get it through doorways without semi-taking it apart. But it's still worth it!)
Watching show!
He is pretty pumped about it.

Chad got way too many books and I got way too many pairs of shoes (wait, you can never have too many books or pairs of shoes!) and we were spoiled to the core! Thanks for all the gifts! Our lady pup got a new plushy toy, dental bone, and a few Christmas Biscuits, we love Bobbie!

Christmas night, we started putting together our Hobbit Legos (it was my favorite thing EVER. It was so big that we divided it up into two evenings, pics to come). Then we watched Fellowship of the Ring and ate Panda Express (per tradition). Thank you Panda Express for being open even though I know it's bad of me to give you money on Christmas Day. I am still ever so grateful (although I am sure you wanted to be with your families)!

I am not going to lie. And I'm gonna sound kinda Grinch-ish but I was relieved when Christmas was over. There is so much anticipation and excitement that is kind of overwhelming for me. Haha, it's almost like I get so excited before it actually happens so when it arrives, I am already so tired and feeling overwhelmed that it makes Christmas Day kinda hard...I have issues.

I will say though that I loved celebrating the Savior and making him a special focus during this time of year (he is always a focus but even more so). I am forever grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ, what a gift.

One more of the Little Dude. 

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday!

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

What an awesome tee-pee! It looks like Geddy loves that thing. Also, it's a good thing we didn't spend Christmas together because Abby is terrified of animal toys that make noises and thus would have cried at the mere sight of Geddy's horse. I hope you are feeling better!