Hello Winter

On Tuesday, it snowed for the first time this winter. And I mean really snowed. I've lived in Utah my entire life and having been driving in snow since I was 16 but every year it is an unpleasant reminder just how slippery it gets out there. Everyone drive safe and smart this winter!

Trying to catch snowflakes.


We woke up super early on Tuesday (I'm talking 6am rather than 7:30am) and Chad was really sick with food poisoning. It was a rough start to say the least but what do ya do? So, we started our day and I knew I would have to take the dog out to potty so I stepped outside to do so. As I opened the door, Geddy's face lit up. I don't think he remembers the snow very well because he was really interested in it. So, I bundled him up really well and we journeyed outside.

Jammies and rain boots. 

I didn't put mittens on him because we were only out for about 10 minutes and he wanted to feel the snow with his hands. He enjoyed every minute of it. You should've seen the tantrum he threw when I carried him like a barrel of ale (yet again) into the apartment.

His coat kept unzipping and I didn't realize it until I had taken a bunch of these pictures. Mom of the year, right here! Ha. All the pictures are from my phone so they're aren't the best quality but I am glad that I documented it!

Happy Monday!


P.S. This is Geddy eating an apple core...super cute.

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Haley said...

It looks like he really loved the snow! I love Utah when the mountains are covered in a fresh blanket of white. It's so beautiful (and yes, slick). Hopefully we both have a white Christmas to look forward to.