Snowed In and Full of Tangents

My goodness it's been a crazy week or two. This week, we had to return to real life after enjoying two long weekends in a row. It was ROUGH, you guys. All three of us have struggled just getting back on our feet. We went waaaaaaaay too long without doing laundry so yesterday was a laundry day and Geddy and I looked homeless until they were clean. C'est la vie.

Chad was SO ill on Tuesday. Within one week, we have both had horrible food poisoning but on two separate days, it's been bogus. With Chad home on Tuesday, it actually helped us slip back into routine a little more subtly. We just really like having him around, ha. It was also nice having him home on Tuesday because that's when Provo got SLAMMED by snow. Slammed, I tell you! It snowed the entire day which I really enjoyed because I like snow, especially when I don't have to drive in it. Although, going on walks in the snow is the dumbest thing ever but a lady pup needs her walks!

Because of the snow, we have stayed inside a lot this week. Like LOTS and OODLES (notice the caps). The poor pup hates to potty in the snow, can't blame her. Even though it's cold and wet out, it sure is beautiful. Holy cow, it's breath taking, I love winter (I say that now but ask me in a few weeks if I still feel that way).

Yesterday, Geddy stayed up WAY past bedtime (he got to have a fun night with Glamma while we went on a date, so it was parent approved) but today, he wouldn't nap. I had to try 3 times to put him down. I wouldn't normally push that much but the little dude's head was literally bobbing as I was rocking him in the rocking chair, he was EXHAUSTED. Finally, he slipped into a mega deep sleep so I could put him down. *Sigh* I love that silly dude so much, he is really becoming a 2 year old, attitude and all.

The other day, Geddy did the cutest thing. Chad had gotten him out of his crib and the first thing he did was grabbed a book and climbed into the rocking chair and started reading it to himself. It's the most charming thing to hear him "read" (he just mimics). There are lots of tones and sound effects, as he harshly turns the pages (a lot of books are taped together, ah!). Chad saw it happening and ran into our room and told me to get out of bed (which I did, begrudgingly, by the way) so that I could take pictures. The pictures were worth leaving my bed for. I adore his bed-head and squinty, sleepy, eyes. I'm whipped, people, completely whipped!

Sleepiest boy, messiest hair. 
The flash was a bit bright for him.

I did a great job reading to him everyday for the first year and a half of his life but the last 6 months, it has slipped away from us. We just got out of our routine. The last few weeks, however,  I have really tried to make a better effort to read everyday. Geddy isn't the most advanced communicator, he knows words and I understand what he wants but I think anything helps his skills grow. So, we are trying to read more consistently again. Plus, it's like this quote says:

Love it.

I hope that Geddy always loves reading. Reading helps so much in school and encourages creativity which, I believe, is so important for children AND adults.

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

I keep hearing that Utah got a good blanket of snow. I'm actually jealous! It's like 15 degrees here but zero snow. I figure if it's going to be that cold, it may as well be gorgeous! Oh, and Geddy and Abby are bedhead twins. Love them.